Best Cities to Doordash In

If you are interested in becoming a driver for Doordash, knowing what cities are the best for dashes is helpful. This can make a huge difference in how much work you can get and how much you can earn with Doordash.

Some cities are much more popular with Doordash, while others provide less work for drivers. It can be very helpful to find out what cities offer the best dashing work before you make your decision.

To find out the best cities to dash to, keep reading.

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What Are the Best Cities for Doordash?

The best cities to Doordash in are San Jose, Fort Worth, Indianapolis, San Antonio, Houston, and Dallas. These are just a handful of the best cities for dashers to get the most work in the shortest amount of time.

Other cities such as Charlotte, Columbus, San Diago, and Phoenix are great places to dash. Generally, the bigger the city, the better the dashing opportunities are.

Though some dashers manage to make dashing in smaller areas work, generally, you can be more successful in a city. Cities have more people and a substantially more significant amount of orders to tap into.

It is also great to dash in different areas if you live nearby other cities. This allows you to take advantage of the orders in multiple regions, which can double or triple your order options.

It is a good idea to look into the kinds of orders your region gets to know how much you can earn. Location can significantly impact how well you can do with Doordash.

Some areas are not suitable for Doordash, and will need to provide more orders to give you an income option.

What City is The Best for Dashers?

San Jose is typically the best city for dashers to work in, with 78 percent of Doordash orders there. This results in many orders being available for the local dashers in that area.

This allows Doordashers to earn substantially more in this city due to the order opportunities constantly coming in. This is why many top Doordash earners tend to live in these kinds of hot spot cities.

San Jose dashers typically earn $59,775 yearly through Doordash, which is 14% more than most dashers. This is a substantial income while still being free to work as you like.

This is the dream for most dashers, as areas like these provide an endless flow of orders to take advantage of. How much you earn comes down to the number of orders you get.

You can only earn enough daily if you can access enough orders.

What Is The Best State to Doordash In?

Best Cities to Doordash In

Even the state that you live in can affect just how successful you are as a Doordasher. Arkansas is the best state to dash in according to statistics, it provides plenty of work in many areas.

This is an excellent place for locals to become dashers and enjoy its popularity with Doordash. This can help expose dashers to twice as many orders as dashers in other areas.

This is why it is a good idea to do your research before applying to become a dasher. You can look into your city and state to find out just how popular Doordash is in your area.

Some areas use Doordash sparingly, making dashing in that area less significant. Sometimes other food delivery services do better in those areas instead.

If you discover that Doordash is not preferred in your area, but GrubHub is, consider working for GrubHub instead.

What Are The Busiest Areas for Doordash?

Some of the busiest areas for dashers are San Jose and San Francisco. These areas are trendy and drive a lot of orders to Doordash, which goes to the dashers.

There is also a way to locate your area’s busiest areas for Doordash orders. This is a tool that Doordash issues with a map to show what it calls Hot Spots. These hot spots are where the most orders are at that period in that area.

Doordash encourages dashers to dash into these hot spots to snag more incoming orders. This is the best way to counteract a slow day of Doordash orders.

Sometimes these hot spots will even be in a nearby city or town, giving you much more options for orders. Taking advantage of these hot spots for more order options usually pays off.

What Cities are the Most Profitable for Dashers?

San Jose, Fort Worth, Indianapolis, San Antonio, Houston, and Dallas are all popular cities to dash in for the most orders. These cities are dominated by Doordash and usually choose Doordash over other food delivery services.

These are great cities to dash in to become a top dasher and earn the total amount of money per week and year. It often can come down to how popular Doordash is in your area, which gives you more order options.

Along with these cities, Arkansas is the most popular state to dash in, with immense popularity there. This allows you to have better access to orders and to earn more money with Doordash.

If you live in one of these areas, you can earn a full-time wage with Doordash. Working in an area that Dordash is popular in can make all of the difference in how successful you can be.

Unfortunately, some areas do not do as well with Doordash and won’t supply enough orders for dashers. This is why looking up Doordash in your area can be beneficial to see its popularity.

This is something that your success as a dasher could depend on where you are dashing.

Best Cities to Doordash In_

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  1. Good work with Door Dash in the Los Angeles And Vebtura Counties as well

    Thank you Door Dash for thecwork but with gas peices doubling since November of 2021, we are in serious needvof a pay increase

    I pay twice as much for gas now! Twixe as much!

    Thats a hard hit on a driver

  2. Ditto most deliverys when I drive for uber and double to triple what I get from doordash. We need better basepay here in Alabama people don’t tip well here and gas killing us

  3. You would think rich people and working class would tip in FL but NOT in jacksonville? They want you to drive 13 miles one way 13 back for 2.50 and of your lucky you get a 1.00 to 2.00 tip. Always look how spread out a city is. Or like go to lil Caesar’s but the drive to get there is 4 miles then the order is in some stack n pack apartment complex you can’t find the unit because the map is outdated and takes you 44 min for $6. I would say worst city to dash. Money but greedy money and directions and outdated maps don’t help.

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