Amazon Flex Vs Doordash

If you are looking to become a delivery driver, you may be wondering which is the better option, Amazon Flex or Doordash. These are two popular delivery services that many drivers enjoy working for.

If you want to break into the career of being a delivery driver, you will want to know which company is the best option. So keep reading to find out which is better, Amazon Flex or Doordash.

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Which is Better: Amazon Flex or Doordash?

There is no right answer to whether or not Amazon Flex is better than Doordash as the reviews are mixed. Some drivers have success with one option and not the other and vice versa.

They both have pros and cons, which will be the determining factor for each person individually.

Doordash and Amazon Flex are delivery companies that work in much the same way. They both hire drivers to make deliveries to the customers that are waiting for what they ordered.

Both offer great flexibility and the freedom to create your own schedule and work the way that you want to. With Amazon Flex and Doordash, you will be working alone and can set your own hours.

The biggest difference between these two delivery services is that Doordash is a food delivery service. It works alongside restaurants to make ordering takeout easier and faster than ever for hungry customers.

While Amazon Flex delivers Amazon packages to customers who have ordered online. It does not deliver anything specifically like Doordash, it just delivers your basic Amazon packages.

This is the biggest difference between these two companies and makes working for each one a little different. This is because delivering food for Doordash is a different experience than delivering Amazon packages.

Just keep in mind that some Amazon Flex drivers do deliver grocery store orders for certain customers. This is usually from Whole Foods from Amazon Flex’s shop and deliver option.

Does Amazon Flex Pay More Than Doordash?

With these kinds of delivery companies, it can be hard to find out which pays the best rate. This is because there are many different factors involved.

How much you can make per hour can vary a lot from other drivers depending on your vehicle, speed, addresses, and time of day. All of these factors can affect how much you can make on Amazon Flex.

Generally, Amazon Flex promises its delivery drivers $18 to $25 an hour with potential for growth. It is said that Amazon Flex drivers can make even more if they drive a larger vehicle that can hold more packages.

This is compared to the average hourly estimation for Doordash drivers, which comes to around $15 to $25 an hour. Like Amazon Flex, Doordash’s pay rates vary quite a bit depending on different things.

Doordash drivers can make significantly more money depending on the times they dash, how many orders they accept, and tips. These can all determine just how much a dasher’s hourly pay will be.

There is a little more flexibility when it comes to earning more with Doordash than there is with Amazon Flex. So a driver could potentially make more money more regularly with Doordash if they play their cards right.

Both jobs require on the job learning in order for you to start earning more per hour. Once you get the hang of it, you will be able to earn a larger hourly wage more frequently.

So you could technically say that Amazon Flex pays more than Doordash. But you have to keep in mind that Doordashers can earn more depending on how well they dash.

Does Amazon Flex Or Doordash Pay Faster?

Amazon Flex Vs Doordash

Doordash pays once a week on a Monday for the previous week’s work. Though dashers have the option to take out their earnings as often as they want to once they reach a certain amount of orders.

Dashers can take out their earnings on a daily basis for a small fee if they want to. This gives them the freedom to use their money when they want to without having to wait a week.

The processing time for the money to go from Doordash to the bank can take anywhere from 2 to 3 days.

Amazon Flex drivers get paid twice a week, once on Monday and on Friday. This gives Amazon Flex the upper hand as it pays its drivers more frequently without charging any kind of fee.

Drivers for Amazon Flex get paid via direct deposit, so they should see their earnings within a day. This can change according to holidays, however.

This makes Amazon Flex the better option when it comes to paying times since you get paid twice a week instead of once.

Is Doordash Better Than Amazon Flex?

Doordash and Amazon Flex are very similar and have their own pros and cons that set them apart. This makes it impossible to clearly outline which company is the better option for delivery drivers.

Amazon Flex may look like the obvious better option, but Doordash has more opportunities to earn more. The deliveries are more flexible, allowing drivers to pick up more orders more frequently.

This could result in top dashers making more per hour than Amazon Flex drivers are able to. But it is very uncertain depending on factors that you may not have control of.

There is a little more risk involved for dashers as orders can be unpredictable, resulting in lower pay some weeks.

Amazon Flex also removes some of the stress of delivering as you are not usually delivering orders of fresh food. You do not have the added stress of having to get the food to the customer while it is still hot.

This can be a big bonus for some drivers who do not want that additional responsibility.

Amazon Flex also pays more frequently than Doordash, paying twice a week instead of just once. Thought Doordash also offers the option to take out your earnings whenever you want to.

The downside to that is that there is a small fee applied each time you do this. Amazon Flex does not charge any additional fees and directly deposits your paycheck.

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