Biggest Doordash Tip

If you are interested in becoming a Doordash driver, you may be wondering how big of tips you can get. This is an important element to the job as tips can add up fast depending on how much they are.

If you want to become a dasher but need an idea of how much you can make in tips, keep reading. This article will give you experience from real dashers who have made great tips.

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What is The Biggest Tip Doordash Drivers Get?

Doordash drivers get a variety of tip amounts depending on the area, the customer, and how generous the customer is. It varies quite a bit, and there is no telling how much you could make. The ideal tip amount is around $100, as some lucky dashes have made that much.

Typically dashers can expect to receive anywhere from $5 to $15 in tips depending on the order and customer. Wealthier areas tend to get better tips as the people there have more cash to spare.

Some dashers have reported making $39 or even over $50 in tips on a lucky delivery with just the right customer. Some customers may feel extra generous when you show up and give you an extra tip.

It really depends on the tipper and the area that they are in. There is no knowing just what kind of tips you may get, you may just get lucky with one or two deliveries.

Does Doordash Take Tips?

As far as we know, Doordash does not take any of the driver’s tips. Some still say that it does, but Doordash clearly says that it takes no tips from the drivers.

This means that any tips you earn should go straight into your pocket to be added to your profits or used on gas. This is why tips are so important to most dashers when working for Doordash.

They can add significantly to how much you are able to make per hour.

How Do I Get Bigger Tips?

Biggest Doordash Tip_

There is no big secret to how you can make more tips on Doordash, unfortunately. This is something that is completely random, and you cannot affect how much you get in tips.

The only thing you can do is try to only accept orders that come with a good tip. A tip that is considered to be worthwhile will usually be over $7 for an average-sized order.

You can also try to dash in peak order times, such as lunch and dinner, as well as focusing on Doordash hot spots. If possible, you can also prioritize orders in high-income neighborhoods.

What is The Biggest Tip for Dashers?

Biggest Doordash Tip

Many dashers are always looking for that $100 tip as that is the golden tip to get as a dasher. Though the $100 tips are rare, the occasional dasher does manage to get one on a lucky day.

Many dashers have also said that they have gotten reasonably high tips from $39 to over $50 for an order. These are the kinds of tips that every dasher wants to get.

Unfortunately, there is no way of knowing when and where these tips are going to show up. If they do, they are often snatched up by another dasher.

Some drivers are lucky and get an extra tip when they show up to make the food delivery. It all depends on the customer and whether or not they are feeling generous that day.

The only thing you can do to try to be there when good tips show up is to dash at the most popular times. This is mainly for lunch and dinner as well as holidays. You should also take advantage of Doordash hot spots for top orders.

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