Can Doordash Customers Tip After Delivery?

If you are placing a Doordash order, you may want to tip after your delivery instead of before. It is normal for tips to be placed after having your item delivered instead of beforehand as Doordash prefers.

If you would rather tip once you have received your order, you should keep reading to find out if that is possible. As well as other important things to know about tipping on Doordash.

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Can Doordash Customers Tip Once Delivery Has Been Delivered?

You can tip on Doordash after the order has been delivered if you can tip in cash. You have to do this by not adding a tip when checking out and simply handing it to the dasher once they arrive with your order.

This is a great option for Doordash customers that wish to reward good delivery drivers with a higher tip. Or for those who would rather tip in cash directly instead of with the rest of their order.

Some customers also choose to do this because they fear that the driver won’t actually get the tip.

The problem with doing this is that the driver has no way of knowing that you are going to tip them in person. This could result in the available drivers passing up your order and it being canceled by Doordash.

This is because dashes have to prioritize orders with good or decent tips, otherwise, they could miss out on profitable orders. Dashers rely on tips to help with their hourly earnings, so most avoid no-tip orders.

If you wish to tip in cash, you could tip a small amount when checking out, just to get a driver to take your order, then you could tip more once they arrive with it.

How Much Should You Tip Dashers?

It is generally considered best for Doordash customers to tip 15% of the entire amount of their order. This provides the driver with a reasonable tip for the effort needed to pick up and deliver your order.

Though many drivers prioritize tippers that are more generous and will easily pass up any tips under $7. This is because tips make up a big part of dashers’ earnings and can help them to make more money.

Dashers also don’t get reimbursed for their gas expenses, so tips help to cover that as they work.

That being said, many dashers would gladly accept a cash tip as it allows them to have the money in hand. It can just be risky for them to accept those kinds of orders as there is no guarantee of receiving a tip.

Do You Have to Tip on Doordash?

Can Doordash Customers Tip After Delivery

Doordash does not require any of its customers to tip the delivery drivers. You will be given the option when checking out, but you can always just add zero for no tip at all.

Doordash doesn’t have anything to do with the tips and does not enforce them or profit from them. It leaves it up to each individual customer to decide whether to tip or not.

Although it is also in the customer’s best interest to tip if you want your order picked up. Without a tip, your order may be rejected by all available drivers, resulting in Doordash canceling the order entirely.

Tipping well is the only way to guarantee that anyone will pick up your order.

Can Tips Be Given After Doordash Delivery?

If you wish to tip after receiving your order, that is an option that you have available to you. You can choose to not leave a tip when checking out to instead give a cash tip once the delivery driver arrives.

This way you can tip according to how well you think the delivery was made and give the driver the cash in hand. The only downside to this is the driver doesn’t know that a tip is waiting for them.

This could mean that no one picks up your order because they think you won’t tip them. Drivers depend on tips and will oftentimes not bother with orders that have none.

So, if you decide to tip in person, you may risk your order not being delivered and canceled by Doordash.

The best way to avoid this is to add a small tip before checking out then tip more once the driver arrives. This way you can still tip in cash, but your order is still picked up by a dasher.

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