Can DoorDash Deliver On Military Bases?

DoorDash can deliver on military bases depending on a lot of factors. I’ll try to explain if and how you can make deliveries on military bases.

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Can I Deliver to Military Bases?

Yes, you can deliver to military bases but you have to get permission to access the bases. There are so many rules and regulations when it comes to who can and can’t enter the base to make deliveries. Sometimes you won’t be given access to the base.

How Can I Gain Access to A Military Base?

There are several ways you can gain access to a military base but the main way is to become friendly with the security forces. The other way is to call the main office on the base and explain what you are trying to do. You also have to learn the rules and guidelines for each base.

There may be more than one base in your area and every base is different. They have different rules and guidelines which you will need to learn. The access rules vary and that is because every base has their own setup and things they want you to do to access the military base.

How to Get Past the Security Forces?

Can DoorDash Deliver On Military Bases__

You have to explain to them that you are trying to make a delivery. Give them all of the information that you have and they may actually believe you and give you access. All I would suggest is that you go do what you came to do and leave.

You can gain access to the military base through following the procedures of the security forces. The security forces are your friends, not your adversaries and if they deny you access to the military base just know it is not their decision individually.

They have to do what is best for the military base to keep everyone safe and maintain control of who enters the base. For whatever reason, you may not be allowed to enter the base and that is not something that is unheard of.

What If I Can’t Get Access to a Military Base?

If you can’t get access to a military base, the customer doesn’t get their order. It is not your fault that the customer was unable to get their order. DoorDash will not penalize you for not making the delivery, at least they are not supposed to.

The customer will just be waiting on their order or they’ll have to go pick the order up on their own. Either way, it is no one’s fault but the military base the reason they didn’t get their order. Most customers who live on military bases know that it can be difficult to access a military base.

What Are the Delivery Options?

Can DoorDash Deliver On Military Bases

There are several delivery options when it comes to a military base. You can call the Visitors Center or Welcome Center and try to gain access to deliver food to the customer. On the other hand, the people in these centers may allow you to leave the food with them and then they will deliver it.

Some military bases don’t have security guards but they have other ways of accessing the military base such as an access card. If you don’t have one of these cards you will not be able to access the military base.

Other bases will allow delivery drivers to access family housing areas not working areas. So you may still be able to deliver the order to the customer as you are supposed to. Some people are only permitted to access the base at certain hours and at certain gates.

The delivery options vary because military bases can be so tricky and gaining access can be trickier. Some bases don’t allow commercial vehicles to enter and if you are working for DoorDash you are considered a commercial vehicle.

Why Do People on Military Bases Order Delivery?

Now this is a good question. Why do people who live on military bases order delivery in the first place? Especially knowing that it is so hard to deliver to military bases. It is even hard to get access to the military base in the first place.

People on military bases order food because they are obviously hungry but they don’t have to order delivery. In fact, they should not be allowed to order delivery because of the difficulty that delivery drivers have when trying to just deliver the order in the first place.

Laziness could be a good reason why they order delivery as well.

Am I Allowed to Deliver to Military Bases?

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Yes, you are allowed to deliver to military bases but it depends a lot on the specific base that you are trying to deliver to. The access rules for each base are different and you have to try and get around security forces.

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