DoorDash Keeps Changing Drivers

DoorDash has provided a straightforward, efficient, and convenient way to order delivery. However, most delivery drivers make their profits from their tips, causing low-value orders to be declined.

When an order is declined, it causes delays and backups not only for the customer but for the dashers and merchants as well.

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Why Does DoorDash Keep Changing Drivers?

There are a variety of reasons why your DoorDash delivery drivers keep changing. Your dasher could change due to the payment not being high enough, the order being too big, the order not being ready, or the order is too far.

DoorDash Orders Get Passed on When Declined

If your DoorDash delivery driver declines your order for whatever reason, your order will get passed on to another driver in the queue. This causes your order to keep circulating until someone decides to deliver the order.

The Payment Is Too Low

A common reason DoorDash drivers decline orders is due to the payment. If the price, tip, or charge for the order isn’t enough, a delivery driver may decide to drop. This causes your order to recirculate across the available drivers until someone takes it.

The Distance Is Too Far

Another common reason delivery drivers refuse orders is due to the distance. Delivery drivers are paid per order and per tip. If the order is too far and doesn’t have a high payout, dashers are likely to decline.

The Restaurant Is Experiencing High Volumes

Restaurant issues can also cause your drivers to swap around. When a delivery driver arrives at a restaurant, they’ll either have to wait for the order to be prepared or pick it up immediately.

Sometimes during peak hours, restaurants can take over 20 minutes to prepare a single delivery order.
Waiting this long or more can affect a delivery driver’s income, causing them to cancel and find better orders.

App Issue

App and software issues are other reasons why you could be experiencing delays. Your DoorDash application may be experiencing glitches and hiccups, resulting in confusion.

Or, your delivery driver could be experiencing app issues, causing them to decline your order. If you’re experiencing app issues, try contacting DoorDash customer support to speak with a representative.

Will My Order Be Late?

doordash keeps changing drivers

If your DoorDash order keeps swapping drivers, your order might be late. This issue may not be with you or your driver but the restaurant itself.

Most delivery drivers are trying to finish orders on time to increase their income and avoid any consequences.

What Can I Do?

Unfortunately, there may not be much you can do to speed up your delivery. There are options available, but they may not affect the situation as much as expected. Here are a few of your options:

Contact the Restaurant

If your delivery driver keeps changing, try contacting the restaurant directly. Ask the restaurant if they’re experiencing high volumes of orders.

If a restaurant is receiving too many orders, you may experience delays and slow-downs.

Contact the Driver

Another option you have is to contact your DoorDash driver directly. If your dasher hasn’t swapped yet, contact them directly to assess the situation.

You can ask if the restaurant is experiencing delays if they’re experiencing issues or get a general feel for the situation. Be sure to always be kind and courteous when speaking to your delivery driver.

Contact Customer Support

You can also contact DoorDash customer support if you’re still experiencing issues. You may be eligible for a partial refund or reimbursement.

The DoorDash customer support agent may ask for additional information such as photos or details. Be sure to provide all the information you deem necessary.

Tip More In The Future

Unfortunately, one of the main reasons DoorDash delivery drivers don’t accept orders is due to the payment.

This is understandable as these delivery drivers make most of their profits from tips. If you’re experiencing constant and consistent delays with your takeout orders, it may be time to add a little extra onto the tip.

How Much Should I Tip?

It’s no surprise that the more you pay, the better the service. Orders with lower tips can be mistreated or go neglected.

To remedy this, be sure to tip at least 10% of the order. Meaning if your order comes out to $22, you should tip around two to three dollars. This will ensure you’re providing your dasher with enough incentive to properly care for your order.

Can I Get a Refund?

Unfortunately, your mileage will vary on whether or not you can receive a refund. DoorDash has strict criteria on who can receive reimbursements. If you do receive a refund, keep in mind in may only be a partial reimbursement or in the form of DoorDash credit.

Missing Food Refunds

You may qualify for a partial to full refund if your order is missing items. Typically, DoorDash will offer a partial refund on orders with missing items. DoorDash will also give out partial to full refunds on non-delivered orders, depending on the circumstance. To make a claim, simply visit the DoorDash customer support page to speak with an agent.

Why Does My Delivery Driver Keep Changing?

The most common reason your delivery driver keeps changing is the payment. Delivery drivers can cancel and decline orders if they feel the cost is too low.

This causes your order to get recirculated in the queue until someone accepts it. Other reasons your delivery driver keeps swapping are restaurant delays, distance issues, and software malfunctions.

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