Can DoorDash Pickup Multiple Orders?

Everyone has a taste for foods from different restaurants at the same time. So you probably want to place multiple orders but aren’t sure if DoorDash will pick those orders up, right?

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Does DoorDash Pickup Multiple Orders

Yes, DoorDash does indeed pick up multiple orders. There are a few reasons why DoorDash allows its drivers to stack orders but it may be at the cost of warm food to the customer. If one customer places multiple orders they may be picked up by different drivers.

How Do Multiple Orders Happen?

Multiple orders can happen under several circumstances. One way multiple orders happen is when several people place orders around the same time at the same place. For example, 5 people place Walmart Grocery orders each 3 minutes apart.

The driver who picks up the first order may also receive each of these orders for pickup because he’s already in the area. Another way this happens is when the customers live near each other. So if two people who live 3 blocks apart both place an order with this certain cafe that driver is likely going to accept both orders.

Something else that can take place to get multiple orders is when one customer orders food from two different locations.

If the restaurants are close together the DoorDash driver may pick up both orders and deliver them to the same person. However, it is very possible that two drivers will need to pick up both orders because the restaurants are probably not all in the same proximity.

What Orders Can Be Stacked?

Can DoorDash Pickup Multiple Orders?

It’s suspected that any order can be stacked. The most common kind of order that can be stacked is the grocery orders. There’s nothing uncommon about a DoorDash driver getting multiple grocery orders for WalMart.

This is especially true when the people placing the grocery orders live in close proximity to one another. There could easily be 4 orders in one neighborhood because people love shopping at WalMart.

Another type of order that can be stacked is food orders obviously.

It is also very common to get multiple food orders within the same area of restaurants and they are being delivered to the same neighborhood. This happens a lot in smaller areas of town or smaller cities.

The orders have to be closely related in one way or another whether that’s nearby restaurants or nearby residents. It wouldn’t make sense for a driver to accept orders that’s going to opposite sides of town or that are being picked up from restaurants that are far apart.

There may be a reason that some orders can’t be stacked. But these are the common types of orders that can be stacked. The DoorDash driver should be cautious about accepting multiple orders at one time.

Sometimes businesses will place orders for different departments or areas of the business. This is another way that multiple orders can happen. When several people at one business place several orders on their lunch break which happens around the same time.

Is It Good When A DoorDash Driver Stacks Orders?

It can be a good thing or a bad thing when a DoorDash driver stacks orders. A good thing because it’s like killing two birds with one stone so to speak. Multiple orders being picked up by one driver can save time and may even get the orders to the customer quicker.

This is not always the case though. One reason it’s not good for a DoorDash driver to stack orders or accept multiple orders is because it could hold up or postpone the other orders. For example, he goes to drop off one order that is 15 minutes away from the next order and while he’s dropping this order off the other order is getting cold.

Customers do not like the idea of the DoorDash driver accepting multiple orders. When someone wants to place an order with DoorDash they expect their order to receive undivided attention by the driver. This does not happen when the driver has multiple orders to worry about delivering.

When accepting multiple orders you may find that customers are angry because it took so long to receive their order.

This happens a lot when multiple orders have to be delivered to different places. DoorDash does allow their drivers to accept multiple orders and this can be a good or bad thing. Like with everything else, multiple orders picked up at once has its pros and cons.

Does DoorDash Pick Up More Than One Order?

Yes, DoorDash can pick up more than one order and they often do. However, there are a few criteria that these orders have to meet in order to be stacked and picked up by one delivery driver. The orders can come from one or two different restaurants.

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  1. B.S.
    Frequently I have had door dash pick up multiple orders from the same restaurant, and even though I tip VERY WELL (30-50%), they deliver the other order, in an entirely different direction, first, and I get cold food.

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