Dairy-Free Meal Delivery

Though there are more and more dairy-free options becoming available, it can still be hard to find dairy-free foods for yourself. This is a common issue that people have if they are vegan or simply cannot handle consuming dairy. Many people are sensitive to dairy and cannot consume it without terrible side effects. This often … Read moreDairy-Free Meal Delivery

How Many People Use Amazon?

It is well known that Amazon is one of the largest companies on the planet. But how many people use Amazon, altogether? How Many People Use Amazon in All? Amazon has 310 million active users, with 197 million people worldwide using the Amazon app every month and 81% of US adults 18 – 34 being … Read moreHow Many People Use Amazon?

Uber Eats Statistics

Report Highlights: Uber Eats’ total gross orders for 2021 was reported to be $51.6 billion. Its revenue that year was $8.3 billion and it had 81 million users. Uber Eats delivers approximately 5 million orders per day, (estimated based on available information). Uber Eats is used by 36% of survey respondents, making it the second … Read moreUber Eats Statistics

Grubhub Statistics

Report Highlights: The year Grubhub merged with Seamless and went public, the company commanded 70% of the online food ordering industry. Revenue has grown every year, starting with $8.5 million in 2010 to $1.8 billion in 2020. Profit began to fall, however, after its peak in 2017 or $90 million, due to competition and pressure … Read moreGrubhub Statistics

Food Delivery Statistics

Report Highlights The average person with a food delivery app has two such apps and uses them 3 times every month. The most common complaint among food delivery drivers was weak or no tips, cited by 60% of drivers. The most common complaint from customers was food not being the correct temperature, with 17% being … Read moreFood Delivery Statistics

Fast Food Statistics

Report Highlights On average, 36.6% of adults consume fast food on any given day. 83% of U.S. families consume fast food at least once weekly. The younger and higher-income an adult is, the more likely he or she is to consume fast food. It is estimated that 11.3% of an average adult’s daily calories are … Read moreFast Food Statistics

Chipotle Payment Methods

If you are thinking of going out to eat at Chipotle, you may want to know if Chipotle will take Paypal. This is a good thing to know as most restaurants do not accept Paypal as a valid form of payment. Despite being a very reputable company, Paypal is still not offered as a payment … Read moreChipotle Payment Methods