Can I Drive for DoorDash With a DUI?

DoorDash has provided millions of people across the globe with a fast and convenient way to earn a living. However, not everybody meets the application requirements.

DoorDash has specific criteria for who they let deliver orders. This has some potential independent contractors wondering if they meet the requirements.

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Will DoorDash Let Me Drive With a DUI?

Unfortunately, if you have a DUI on your driving record within the last seven years, you will not be eligible for DoorDash. DoorDash requires all their potential delivery drivers to meet specific criteria and requirements. Misdemeanors, felonies, and DUIs can disqualify potential dashers.

What If It’s an Old Infraction?

You may be eligible to drive for DoorDash if the DUI on your record is old enough. If your DUI is seven years or older, you may be accepted as an independent contractor for DoorDash. However, this isn’t guaranteed, and every applicant’s mileage will vary.

What If It Was In a Different State?

Can I Drive for DoorDash With a DUI_

Even if your DUI or DWI was in a different state than the one you’re trying to deliver orders in, you would still be declined. DoorDash checks your motor vehicle report for infractions up to seven years. This time frame includes infractions from different states, cities, and counties.

What If My DUI Is Expunged?

If your DUI or DWI is expunged, you may be eligible to deliver orders for DoorDash. However, this will depend on your state and how long ago the infraction was expunged. If your infraction doesn’t meet the seven-year cutoff, you may not be qualified to deliver orders for DoorDash.

What Do I Need to DoorDash?

To be eligible to deliver orders for DoorDash as an independent contractor, you’ll first need to meet certain requirements and prerequisites. The complete list of conditions include:

  • You must be at least 18 years old
  • A working vehicle, truck, or van
  • A valid and up-to-date driver’s license
  • Vehicle Insurance
  • A valid iPhone, Android, or another smartphone
  • A valid Social Security Number
  • Pass a background check
  • Complete an orientation in person or online

What Disqualifies Drivers?

DoorDash drivers can be disqualified from the application process for a variety of reasons. Some of these reasons include:

  • Not passing the background screening process
  • Not passing the motor vehicle report

If a DoorDash driver doesn’t pass their background check or motor vehicle report, they may not be eligible to deliver orders. For more information, you can contact DoorDash customer support to speak with a representative.

How Does The Background Check Work?

Can I Drive for DoorDash With a DUI

You’ll have to go through and pass the background check during the DoorDash application process. This screening process covers criminal and driving records up to the past seven years.

DoorDash uses Checkr for its background screening process. Most drivers receive notifications of whether or not they passed within 5-7 business days. However, your mileage will vary depending on the information you provided and its accuracy.

What Information Do I Need To Provide For The Background Check?

The DoorDash background check is similar to the application process. You’ll need to provide all the required information and your consent to successfully finish the background screening. DoorDash will ask for three main things:

  • Social Security Number
  • Date of Birth
  • Full Name

What Disqualifies My Background Check?

There are a few things that can disqualify your application during the background screening process. The DoorDash background check will look at your criminal record up to the previous seven years. Keep in mind; DoorDash will not hire individuals with felonies or misdemeanors.

A few crimes that can disqualify delivery drivers include:

  • Thievery
  • Property Damage
  • Felonies and misdemeanors
  • DUIs, DWIs, or other harsh driving crimes
  • Any violent crimes
  • Any sexual offenses or crimes

Will I Be Drug Tested During the Background Check?

DoorDash will not drug test you during the background screening process. DoorDash delivery drivers are considered independent contractors. This means drug tests aren’t mandatory. However, even though you won’t be drug tested, you’ll still be subjected to a background screening process.

Does DoorDash Only Do One Background Check?

DoorDash runs a continuous background screening process on all their drivers. What does this mean? Continuous background checks indicate delivery drivers are monitored regularly. This means you can pass a background check one month and fail the next if something shows up on your file.

How Will I Know If I Passed My Background Check?

Can I Drive for DoorDash With a DUI

To see if you passed your DoorDash screening process, you can use Checkr. Checkr is a third-party background checking process. You can view your application status in the candidate portal.

Additionally, you should receive an email regarding the status of your submission. If you haven’t received an email, be sure to check you’re using the correct information. Incorrect emails, details, and other tidbits will cause delays in your application process.

Will DoorDash Check My Driving Record?

During the DoorDash application process, you’ll be asked whether or not you’re using a vehicle. If you select yes, DoorDash will run a motorized vehicle report. You will need a clean driving record to qualify as a delivery driver.

Some potential threats that can disqualify delivery drivers include:

  • Driving under the influence, DUIs, or DWIs
  • A maximum of four moving violations
  • Any and all other drug/alcohol-related driving issues

Can I DoorDash With a Speeding Ticket?

Typically, most delivery drivers remain eligible to drive, despite having speeding tickets. In fact, some drivers have been accepted with numerous speeding tickets dating back a few years. It’s almost safe to say if you don’t have any driving-related severe crimes, you should remain eligible to drive for DoorDash.

Am I Eligible to Deliver Orders With a DUI?

You will not be eligible to deliver orders for DoorDash if you have a DUI on your driving record within the last seven years. DoorDash requires all their delivery drivers to have a clean and stable driving record. DoorDash does not accept misdemeanors, felonies, or DUIs. If you’re unsure whether or not you meet the requirements, you can always contact DoorDash customer support to speak with an agent.

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