855 973 1040 – Doordash Phone Number?

DoorDash has amassed over 1,000,000 delivery drivers across the globe! With all these delivery drivers, it can be awkward to communicate effectively.

855-973-1040 doordash

Some DoorDash delivery personnel has reported calls from the delivery apps customer support team. Although this sounds perfectly natural, many drivers have had less than savory interactions.

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855-973-1040 – Who’s Calling Me?

The 855-973-1040 number is DoorDash driver support. DoorDash sometimes calls their delivery drivers to ask about deliveries, errors, orders and receive feedback in general. If you received a call from this number, it was most likely a DoorDash customer support representative trying to reach out.

Why Did DoorDash Call Me?

DoorDash might’ve called you to discuss a delivery, order, customer complaint, or receive general feedback. For example, some dashers have received calls about late deliveries or why they declined an order.

Am I In Trouble?

No, you’re probably not in any time of trouble. DoorDash will occasionally call their drivers to discuss late orders, errors, and other variables; if you aren’t sure whether this call was meant for you, hang up and contact DoorDash customer support directly. As always, never give out your personal information to anyone, whether they’re an official DoorDash team member or not.

Why Does DoorDash Keep Calling?

Some delivery drivers have reported near non-stop calls from the 855-973-1040 number. For example, one dasher claimed to receive a call every day for the first three weeks of delivering orders. That’s a bit excessive and uncommon; however, it can happen.

Do I Have to Answer?

No, you aren’t legally obligated to answer when DoorDash calls you. However, this could potentially reflect poorly on your account and relationship with the delivery app. It’s unlikely, but it is something to be aware of.

Can I Block the Number?

Yes, you can block the number. In fact, many DoorDash delivery drivers have reported blocking the number or stopped picking it up entirely. However, blocking the number could result in missing important updates and notifications. Be sure you have some other form of communication before blocking the DoorDash customer support number.

Are You Sure It’s Not a Scam?

855 973 1040 - What Is This Number

The 855-973-1040 number should not be a scam. This number is commonly reported as the DoorDash customer support line, and there isn’t much to worry about. However, you can never be too safe. If you’re worried this number is a scam or you’re concerned about potential scams, don’t give out any of your personal information.

Never Give Your Personal Information Out

Never give your personal information out, regardless of whether the person on the other end of the line is a DoorDash representative or not. Your personal information includes your email address, password, credit card information, address, etc.

There should be no reason a DoorDash representative will need your account information. If someone is asking for your email address and password over the phone, it’s best to hang up and contact a DoorDash agent yourself.

Can I Opt-Out of Certain Notifications from DoorDash?

Yes, you can opt-out of certain notifications, messages, and reminders from DoorDash. To opt-out of a notification, you’ll need to text STOP to the phone number texting you. Opting out of these messages means you will no longer receive:

  • Peak Pay alerts
  • One-off messages

855 973 1040 - What Is This Number_

Opting out does not mean you’ll stop receiving messages from customers. DoorDash requires their delivery drivers to communicate with customers to ensure everything goes smoothly as possible.

DoorDash doesn’t recommend their drivers opt-out of notifications. However, the choice is up to you. You can turn off select notifications and messages instead of all notifications as well.

Whose Number Is 855 973 1040?

If you received a call from 855-973-1040, it was from DoorDash. DoorDash calls their drivers to discuss deliveries, errors, orders and receive feedback in general. Receiving a phone call from this number isn’t necessarily a bad thing. If you aren’t sure whether you’re speaking to a representative or worried it’s a scam, be sure to hang up and contact DoorDash customer support directly.

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