Can I Rent a U-haul For Someone Else?

If you are new to renting from U-Haul, you may be wondering if you can rent a u-haul for someone else. If this is allowed or if U-Haul will not allow you to rent for someone else.

This is a good question to ask if you want to rent a u-haul for someone other than yourself. To find out whether this is allowed or not, keep reading for more information.

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Am I Allowed to Rent a U-haul for Someone Else?

If you want to rent a u-haul for someone else, you can do this very easily. You will need to make them the primary driver, and they will need to be with you as you are signing the rental paperwork.

You will still technically be the renter of the u-haul, but the other person will be the primary driver. They will need to add some of their information to the rental paperwork and will be allowed to manage the u-haul.

This way, the other person can use the rental as if it were their own as they have the abilities of the primary driver. This allows you to rent the u-haul for them with your information, but it is technically theirs to use.

They will be required to have a driver’s license and may need to add their payment information as they will also be responsible for the rental. It is also a good idea to get insurance on the rental in case anything were to go wrong.

Can Someone Else Drive My U-haul?

U-Haul is very lax when it comes to drivers and does not limit you from having someone else drive the u-haul. All it asks is that the additional driver be over 18-years-old and have a valid driver’s license.

As long as they meet those requirements they should be able to legally drive your u-haul rental without issue.

This is an option that many u-haul renters take advantage of as many people have help when moving or have family to take on the responsibility. This makes it easier to move with U-Haul and gives you more freedom.

Just make sure you don’t just hand your rental over to anybody. You want to make sure that they are a safe driver and will manage the u-haul responsibly. Especially since you are the one who is liable for any accidents or damage.

If you plan on having someone else drive your u-haul, it is a good idea to buy insurance to have on the u-haul as well.

Can Someone Else Return My U-haul?

Can I Rent a U-haul For Someone Else

Returning your rented u-haul is a very simple process that anyone can do. You can do this with the help of a U-Haul representative, or you can do a contactless self-return instead.

If you want to let someone else drop off your u-haul truck, it is best to go with the contactless option. That way the truck will be returned, and the fact that it wasn’t you returning it won’t even be noticed.

If the person returning the rental is the primary driver who rented it with you, they can return the u-haul without any issues. Generally, U-Haul only cares about getting the u-hauls back at the correct time agreed upon.

It does not necessarily care who drops off the rental as long as it is returned in good shape. Keep in mind that you may have to go into the U-Haul location if it finds that there is an issue with your rental.

This could potentially happen if the u-haul is damaged or something is wrong with the paperwork or your billing information.

Can I Hire Someone to Drive My U-haul?

U-Haul allows renters the option of hiring a driver to drive their u-haul for them. In fact, U-Haul even recommends this, especially to those with no u-haul driving experience.

Hiring a driver can be a great way to ensure that your move goes smoothly and someone with experience is behind the wheel. This also takes the pressure off of you and lets you focus on other important matters.

There are many driving companies where you can hire a professional driver to drive your u-haul. Or you can go with a private driver as they are often cheaper than going with a company.

U-Haul, unfortunately, does not have drivers that you can hire, but you still have plenty of options to look into. Just keep in mind that this can be a significant extra expense.

Can Someone Else Rent a U-haul For You?

Can Someone Else Rent a U haul For You

U-Haul does not necessarily care about what you do with its u-hauls once you rent them. So you can easily allow someone else to use the u-haul after you have rented it.

If you want to make that person the primary driver, which gives them more authority, they can come to rent the vehicle with you. They will need to have their driver’s license and may need to add credit card information.

These are all just precautionary measures to ensure that they are a responsible driver and can be trusted.

You can also allow other people to drive your U-Haul rental after you have rented it. U-Haul does not mind this as long as the person has a driver’s license and is over 18-years-old.

You can even hire a professional driver to drive your u-haul for you. This takes the stress off of you and makes the moving process easier to handle on your side.

U-Haul does not have drives for hire as of right now, but there are many companies that have drivers that you can hire. That or you could go with a self-employed driver, which is often the cheaper option.

Hiring a driver isn’t cheap, so expect to pay quite a bit extra for this. You could avoid having more expenses by finding a friend or family member who can drive for you.

Just keep in mind, that anyone that did not come in with you to sign the renter’s paperwork will not be considered the primary driver. As the renter, you will be considered to be the primary driver.

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