Can You Do DoorDash With a Permit?

If you want to get started dashing for DoorDash, you may be wondering if you can dash with a permit instead of a license. This is a legitimate question if you do not yet have your license but want to start dashing.

Many might automatically assume that this would be allowed as you can legally drive with only a learner’s permit. To find out whether or not you can dash with a permit instead of a driver’s license, keep reading.

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Can You DoorDash With a Permit?

You cannot DoorDash with only a permit, you must have a valid driver’s license to legally dash for DoorDash. This is non-negotiable as DoorDash is responsible for enforcing legal and safe driving practices amongst its hired drivers.

If you only have a driver’s permit, you cannot legally do delivery work. A permit is not a real driver’s license and only really gives you the opportunity to get familiar with driving before getting your actual license.

That and the fact that you must have an adult who has a license with you. Because of these two things, DoorDash cannot legally allow those with only a learner’s permit to do delivery work.

They are not licensed drivers and would be a safety risk, especially since they cannot drive without an adult who has a license. There is no way for DoorDash to make sure that you dash with an adult, so it is unsafe.

You can drive any kind of vehicle as a dasher, there are no restrictions on the type of transportation. You could even bike, skateboard, or take public transportation when dashing if necessary.

But you must have a driver’s license if you are going to be driving, this is a no-fuss rule that DoorDash enforces strictly.

What Will Disqualify You From DoorDash?

DoorDash is generally considered an easy company to get hired by as it has very lax policies. Though there are a few major things that can disqualify you from becoming a dasher at DoorDash.

One of these things is not being at least 18-years-old or not having a driver’s license. You must be at the legal age to work and have a valid driver’s license that is up to date.

You also must not have had any major legal violations within the past seven years. This often includes but is not limited to DUIs, failing to stop and report an accident, suspended license, or other crimes.

Violent crimes will often disqualify you as well as sexual offenses. These will not be taken into account if you were charged but later cleared of all charges.

What crimes disqualify you, is here or there depending on the crimes, charges, time period, and severity. These details will all depend on the situation and whether or not they are severe enough to disqualify you from DoorDash.

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Can You Dash With Just a Permit?

Can You Dash With Just a Permit

You must have a valid driver’s license in order to qualify to become a DoorDash driver. You cannot dash with just a learner’s permit as that is not a legal license that permits you to drive professionally.

A learner’s permit is really only given out so that you can legally drive as a way of better understanding how to drive. Because of this, you must always drive with an adult who has a legal driver’s license.

DoorDash will not hire someone who does not have a license, as this is one of its non-negotiable policies. You don’t even have to drive a car to dash, but you must have a license so that DoorDash knows you can drive legally.

DoorDash has to take some responsibility for its drivers, so it is important that you drive with a valid license. If you don’t and you are caught, it would reflect very poorly on DoorDash, not to mention get your account deactivated.

It is unsafe to drive only on a permit, and DoorDash has no way of ensuring that you bring a licensed adult with you. This is why you cannot legally dash with a learner’s permit, you must have a legal license.

Not having a valid driver’s license is just one thing that could disqualify you from becoming a dasher. DoorDash is very lenient and hires pretty easily, but having a license is something that it will not budge on.

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