Can I Use Someone Else’s Doordash Account?

If you are still new to dashing, you may be wondering if you can use someone else’s Doordash account to dash. If this option is allowed or if you could possibly get into trouble for doing this.

This can be an important detail to understand if you are working for Doordash, as it may come in handy. To find out if you can use someone else’s Doordash account to dash, keep reading to find out everything you need to know.

Can I Use Someone Else’s Doordash Account to Dash?

Because dashers are independent contractors and not employees, you can use someone else’s Doordash account. This is allowed as many dashers can subcontract their account to others who are interested in dashing.

That being said, anyone who is dashing still must pass a background check to dash. Some dashers still manage to get around this without Doordash knowing, but it is not recommended.


You could easily lose your account if Doordash finds out that someone else has been dashing for you without a background check. This jeopardizes the safety of customers and lowers Doordash’s overall value.

But you can still use someone else’s Doordash account as long as you have passed a background check. This can be a subcontractor position or where you are simply sharing an account with someone else.

This is common for couples and friends to do in order to split the work and work together as dashers.

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Use Someone Else’s Bank Account

You even have the option of using someone else’s bank account in order to collect your Doordash earnings. This is possible if you do not have access to a bank account of your own for deposits.

Doordash does not care whose bank account it is as long as you have the necessary information. You will need to get their banking information in order to set it up as your payment method.

Just make sure you and the bank account owner have an understanding. This can be a risky way to collect your earnings as the money will no longer be under your control once it is in someone else’s bank account.

This is why Doordash offers a special visa card that dashers can use to collect their earnings without a bank account. Your earnings can be automatically transferred to this card for you to use whenever you want.

another account

It is always risky to use someone else’s bank account, so Doordash created this card as a kind of solution. It even provides more freedom by allowing you to take out your money whenever.

You have no restrictions and can take out your money every day if that is what you want to do.

Sharing a Doordash Account

People can share a Doordash account as dashers are not employees, rather, independent contractors. This gives them the freedom to run their account however they please as long as the job still gets done.

This also goes hand in hand with dashers who subcontract their accounts to other dashers. They remain as the accounts owner and take care of the technical side of things, but the account is shared with other people.

Many people choose to share a Doordash account if they wish to dash with someone else or share the responsibilities. This is perfectly acceptable as long as the other person has gone through a Dordash background check.

As long as the other person has had a background check, Doordash doesn’t care how many people share an account.

Ordering from Another Doordash Account

You can use someone else’s Doordash account in order to accept Doordash orders if you like. The only restriction is that you pass the Doordash background check.

Doordash really has no restrictions as to who can use whose account or how many people can do so. All Doordash cares about is that all dashers pass its background check for the safety of the customers.

Many dashers chose to do this as they work as subcontractors for other dashers. This allows multiple dashes to share one dashing account with a single account owner.

This also makes it much easier for couples, family, or friends to dash together by sharing a Doordash account instead of having separate accounts. This makes it simpler to dash with other people helping you.

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