Reebok Planet Fitness Discount

If you are fairly new to Planet Fitness, you may be wondering about the Planet Fitness black card and Reebok discount. What is it, and is it really worth getting for the benefits?

This is a kind of discount plan that Planet Fitness offers to encourage more members and more gym-goers. To find out just what this Reebok discount is and how to get it, keep reading.

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What is The Reebok Planet Fitness Discount?

The Reebok discount is a part of Planet Fitness’s black card membership that gives you a discount promotion code. This code can then be used on the Reebok website to get a discount off of a selection of its products.

Becoming a Planet Fitness black card member gives you the additional discount code of getting 20% off of Reebok. This allows you to not only enjoy the benefits of the black card membership but a Reebok discount as well.

One common complaint with this, however, is that the discount only applies to certain Reebok items. Many Planet Fitness members have issues buying what they want as their discount is restricted.

This is not a detail that is shared with you when you become a black card member. Some members manage to get around this, but it can be overly complicated to actually get your 20% off discount.

This can be frustrating to deal with after being promised an easy discount for Reebok through Planet Fitness.

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What Are The Perks of a Planet Fitness Black Card?

If you become a black card member at Planet Fitness, you will receive a variety of useful benefits. These perks can enrich your fitness experience and give you more options at Planet Fitness.

With the black card, you get unlimited guest privileges, so you can bring as many guests as you like as frequently as you like. This allows someone else to use Planet Fitness without restrictions as your guest.

You will also be granted access to any Planet Fitness location, unlimited use of the massage chairs, as well as the tanning beds. You will also be able to enjoy Planet Fitness cooler drinks at half the original price.

That along with the 20% off discount that you get to the Reebok website.

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Is The Planet Fitness Black Card Worth It?

Reebok Planet Fitness Discount

The Planet Fitness black card membership can be worth it, depending on what you are wanting. If you want unlimited access to all that Planet Fitness has to offer, this is a great option.

If you only want the basic options at Planet Fitness, the black card probably isn’t worth it. Especially if you aren’t interested in the non-fitness options that are available.

If you don’t plan on bringing anyone with you to the gym, it also may not be worth the price, as having unlimited guest privileges is one of the biggest black card perks.

What Is The Planet Fitness Discount for Reebok?

The Planet Fitness Reebok discount is a discount code that comes with the black card membership. This grants you access to a 20% off discount code that you can use on the Reebok website.

This is just one of the many benefits to upgrading to a black card membership with Planet Fitness. As it also grants you several other benefits and perks.

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