Can You DoorDash With Suspended License

Can You DoorDash With Suspended License

If you have recently had your licenses suspended, you still may want to work for DoorDash as a Dasher. But is this possible? Can you Dash with a suspended license?

All of these questions will be answered in this article. As well as all questions in relation to DoorDash’s restrictions around becoming a Dasher.

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Can I DoorDash Even Though My License is Suspended?

If you have recently had your license suspended, you cannot work for DoorDash. It requires that you have a working and valid domestic driver’s license if you want to become a Dasher.

This is one of their requirements that you must meet.

DoorDash does not have many major requirements but having a valid driver’s license is one of them. This is so important because your job as a Dasher is to mostly drive around deliveries.

If you get caught driving without a valid license while working for DoorDash, it could also get the company in trouble. Not to mention give them bad publicity.

This is why it is so important to DoorDash that you have a working driver’s license when you are working for them. There is no legal way around this restriction.

Does DoorDash Check Licenses?

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Doordash Driver’s License

DoorDash does check your license when you are going through the initial process of being hired. They do this to make sure that you actually have a valid driver’s license.

They run this information through their database, not only to verify your license but to make sure that you have a clean driving record.

Another one of DoorDashs policies is that you cannot become a Dasher if you have a driving incident on your record in the past 7 years. This could include anything driving-related such as a DUI, speeding, or a car accident.

They check all of this information thoroughly in order to decide if you are qualified to become a Dasher or not. As long as you have a clean record and a valid license, you should be hired by DoorDash.

What Happens If My License Gets Suspended While Working for DoorDash?

If your license gets suspended while you are currently working for DoorDash, you should let them know immediately. If you are honest, there is a good chance that they will temporarily suspend your account.

If DoorDash finds out that you have been driving with a suspended license, they will automatically deactivate your account. They can do this because driving with an invalid license goes against their policies.

If you are honest with them and let them know immediately, they just might give you a break and temporarily suspend your account. Letting you start work again once you can prove that your license is valid.

This is obviously the best course of action to take. Though there is a good chance that DoorDash might not notice a suspended license for quite some time.

These kinds of things can easily go unnoticed by DoorDash since they rarely continue to check licenses after you are hired.

At the end of the day, honesty is always the best policy, especially if you want to avoid getting into trouble.

Do I Have to Drive My Own Car When Dashing?

One great thing about DoorDash is that there are no restrictions on your method of transportation. DoorDash really doesn’t care what you drive or if you even drive at all, as long as the orders get delivered.

This is great news for anyone who doesn’t have a car of their own to use for deliveries. You could rent a car or borrow one if you needed to.

In fact, there are no DoorDash policies that say that you even have to use a car. You could even use a bicycle or public transportation to get orders from one place to another.

Can I Dash with a Suspended License?

Due to DoorDash policies on needing to have a driver’s license, you cannot Dash with a suspended license.

DoorDash makes it very clear that you must have a valid and working driver’s license in order to work for them. If you do not have one, you cannot be approved as a driver.

The same goes for Dashers that are working for DoorDash when their license gets suspended. You must have a working license to Dash.

This is so important because your job as a Dasher is to drive deliveries around. If you do not have a working license, you will be doing your job illegally.

This will not only get you into trouble, but it could get DoorDash into trouble as well. Which is why they are very strict about this particular policy.

If they catch you Dashing without a valid license, your account will be permanently deactivated. Once this has happened, you can no longer work for DoorDash.

Driving without a valid license gives DoorDash the ability to immediately deactivate your account because you broke their policy.

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