DoorDash Distance Limit

DoorDash Distance Limit

If you want to place an order through DoorDash, you may be wondering just how far they deliver to. If there is a DoorDash distance limit that you can meet.

If this is a concern of yours, there is an easy solution. Here is everything that you need to know about DoorDash distance limitations.

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What is a DoorDash Distance Limit?

Like every food delivery service, DoorDash has to have a distance limit on how far they can deliver. This limit is usually about 5 miles, but this can always change depending on the restaurant.

The DoorDash limit is created by the restaurants, so the delivery radius is up to them.

DoorDash can deliver to most locations within reason, but restaurants are a bit different. They will often set a 5-mile radius on their takeout orders in order to keep the food hot.

This is often in their best interest since soggy and cold food doesn’t often sit well with customers. Which is why they often have a relatively short delivery radius.

This will vary depending on what restaurant you order from. If you need to have a food delivery outside of 5 miles, you can look into what restaurants offer that option.

Can I Order From Outside DoorDash’s Distance Limit?

DoorDash is not very strict about its distance limit. In fact, they do not specifically say what their distance limit is.

That is because they want to encourage as many customers to order as possible. So they don’t want to set a bunch of limitations on them.

The only limitation that you will have when it comes to distance is how willing the restaurant is. Some restaurants do not want their food delivered any farther than 5 miles.

But this can be an unrealistic desire, which is why many deliver outside of that. Many chain restaurants, for instance, deliver up to 10 to 15 miles away.

So you have a lot of opportunities to order from distances outside of the DoorDash limit. You just have to do a bit of digging to find the restaurants that qualify for that.

You will also want to consider what kind of quality your food will be in when traveling long distances. If you need an order delivered 10 miles away, you may not want to order ice cream or hard tacos.

Try to be realistic about what is going to hold up during the drive. Especially if your driver runs into any kind of delay on the road.

In order for your food delivery to be worth it, you want to make sure that it gets to you still in good condition.

Will Dashers Take My Order if It’s Far Away?

Just because your order is over 5 miles away, that doesn’t necessarily mean that no Dasher will take it. There are several reasons why they might and why they might not.

If your order is small and isn’t worth much money on their end, drivers will most likely turn it down. This is because they need to be able to deliver several orders per hour to make a good hourly wage.

Taking a low-cost order that is far away would not be a smart choice for them to make.

You also have to consider the fact that DoorDash does not pay for their gas. Because of this policy, Dashers may not be willing to drive long distances as it will burn through their gas.

One way that you can encourage Dashers to pick up your long-distance order is to leave a good tip. If you are past the 5-mile limit, try to leave several dollars more in your tip than you normally would.

A large tip could help your order to get picked up very quickly. You could also try to make your order larger so that it will pay the driver more.

These are two options that could help your long-distance order to get picked up by a Dasher.

How Far is the DoorDash Distance Limit?

DoorDash has a vague limit that is around 5 miles away from the restaurant that you are ordering from. But this is not a strict limit and is often ignored by drivers and restaurants.

Most restaurants will deliver up to 10 miles or more away in order to cater to more customers. As most people who are ordering delivery will live at least that far away.

Thus, the DoorDash distance limit is not very strict, and you can usually order outside of it. Just check the restaurants and see if they will deliver to your location.

Most chain restaurants specifically deliver far outside of the normal 5-mile limit. If a restaurant doesn’t deliver to your location, you should get notified of that on the DoorDash app before ordering.

You could also call restaurants to ask them how far they deliver to.

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