Can You Fit a Car in a U-haul?

If you are planning on renting a u-haul, you may be wondering if a car can fit into a u-haul or if it is too large. This can be a very important detail to know if you need to load your car into a u-haul for transportation.

This is definitely a detail that you will want to know before renting a u-haul trailer. To find out if you can fit a car safely into a u-haul without damaging either vehicle, keep reading.

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Can You Fit a Car Inside of a U-haul?

Though it may be possible to fit some lighter cars into a u-haul, it is not recommended by any means. U-hauls are not designed to hold an entire car, so it can be risky to try to transport your vehicle this way.

Most cars would easily overload a u-haul even if they are on the smaller side, as a u-haul is not designed to carry a vehicle. The deck of a u-haul is also quite high, making it harder to get the car inside of it.

This means that you will need to get ramps to help the car into the back of the u-haul. But even with ramps, you will have an extremely hard time controlling the vehicle and securing it inside.

Overall, it is best to choose a different method of transporting your car. Fitting it into a u-haul is far too risky to your vehicle as well as the u-haul.

Doing this would risk causing damage to either vehicle as well as creating a risk for yourself. You have very little control over the car as you are fitting it into the u-haul, which can potentially injure you if something were to go wrong.

How Do You Load a Car On a U-haul Tow Dolly?

The best option that you have, to safely transport your car with a u-haul is to use a u0-haul tow dolly. This will ensure that your vehicle is transported safely and effectively.

Prepare the Car and Dolly

Can You Fit a Car in a U-haul.

The first thing that you will need to do when getting your car ready to use the u-haul tow dolly is to put the vehicle in park with the parking brake set. Then make sure everything is secured, with the tow dolly.

Fully extend the tow dolly ramps and free the tire straps to lay them on the ramps. Center the vehicle that is going to be loaded behind the dolly so that everything lines up.

Start Setting Up the Car

Drive the car slowly up the ramps with someone nearby to guide you. Stop when the tires rest against the stops at the front of the dolly. Make sure the vehicle is completely centered, otherwise you will need to do this step over again.

Once your car is loaded the steering wheel needs to be locked, if it doesn’t lock, use a tool to secure it safely. Place the car in park but make sure that the parking brake is not engaged during this process.

Secure the Car and Equipment

Secure the towed vehicle with the straps centered over the tires, sliding the ratchet left to right to align with the tire. Slide the straps through the ratchet spool, at least 6 inches of the strap should be able to pass through.

Tighten the ratchet and finish securing the vehicle with the chains fastened to the frame of the car. Leave a little slack and secure the chain in place.

Next, all that is left to do is to secure the tow ramps by sliding them back into the car dolly. Once the latch pin is reengaged, you will know that they are secured in place.

Will a Tow Dolly Damage Your Car?

Vehicles that are too large or that are modified or with lower suspension may risk getting damaged while loading. These vehicles are not recommended for u-haul tow dollys as they are not the right kind of vehicle for it.

U-Haul will take no responsibility for these vehicles getting damaged as they are not made to fit a tow dolly.

Overall, as long as you carefully research how to load a car onto a u-haul tow dolly, you should avoid any serious damage. Securing everything in place is the most important way to keep your vehicle safe.

You could also be heavily fined if you end up damaging the u-haul or tow dolly as these are property of U-Haul. This is another thing to keep in mind when loading your vehicle into the dolly.

One way to help you avoid causing any damage is to have someone else help you load the vehicle. They should be there to guide you safely up the ramp as well as help to secure the vehicle.

This yields an extra pair of eyes to help you avoid any expensive accidents.

Can You Fit a Car in a U-haul 

Can a Car Fit Inside of a U-haul?

U-haul trailers are not made to carry such large cargo as a car, no matter how small the car is. This is usually just too heavy a load as well as too bulky to safely load into the u-haul without causing damage.

Though some people may be able to get away with this, it is not advised to load your car into a u-haul. Doing so could put your vehicle at great risk of being damaged or damaging the u-haul.

This is why U-Haul offers u-haul tow dollys that can do the job for you and safely transport your car. This is the safe and effective option that won’t include you trying to load your cart into a u-haul.

With just a few steps, you can easily and safely load your car onto a u-haul tow dolly for safe transport. This is a much safer option and can be done very easily if you follow the instructions.

Just keep in mind that U-Haul will not cover any damage as it is your responsibility to avoid any issues when towing your car. It will not cover any damage to your vehicle, and you will most likely be charged for any damage to your rented gear.

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