Can You Get Bed Bugs From U-Haul?

Bed bugs, vermin, and other pests thrive in the dark, cramped areas of rental vehicles. Although these pests aren’t life-threatening, they can be an incredible nuisance for homeowners and travelers alike.

Thankfully, the likelihood of bed bugs hitching a ride in your rental truck isn’t that high. On top of that, you can employ a few tactics to protect yourself and your belongings. Here’s what you need to know about bed bugs in U-Haul rental vehicles.

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How Likely Are You to Get Bed Bugs From U-Haul Rentals?

It’s unlikely you’ll get bed bugs from a U-Haul rental. However, the risk is there, and it’s a definite possibility to consider. Thankfully, you can employ a few different tactics to avoid any pests and vermin while moving. Follow this guide for the best results.

Does U-Haul Have Bed Bug Protection?

Unfortunately, U-Haul does not have any specified bed bug protection or countermeasures. They do inspect, maintain, and clean all their rental vehicles. U-Haul also offers mattress coverings and other plastic sheaths to help mitigate the risk of pests.

Does U-Haul SafeMove Coverage Protect Against Bed Bugs?

Can You Get Bed Bugs From U-Haul

U-Haul offers multiple coverage plans for their rental vehicles and towing equipment. It’s not explicitly stated whether their basic SafeMove coverage plan protects you in the event of bed bugs.

However, their Safestor insurance may cover bed bugs, vermin, and other pests. Safestor may not be available at your local U-Haul dealership or cover all damages caused by pests.

For the most accurate information, use the official U-Haul location finder to search for your closest dealership. From there, you can call to speak with a team member to determine what works for you and your circumstance.

What You Need to Know About Bed Bugs

You’ll need to understand what you’re dealing with before you can adequately prevent bed bugs. Bed bugs can thrive in dark and hard-to-reach places, like the back of a rental truck. The pests can survive for several months without eating, making them the perfect hitchhiker.

Bed bugs are found across all 50 U.S. states. They’re typically found in couches, bed frames, and mattresses. However, bed bugs can infiltrate stuffed animals, purses, and even bedside lamps.

Fortunately, there are a few precautions and safety measures you can take to prevent these pests from hitchhiking a ride during your next move.

How to Avoid Bed Bugs While Moving

Bed bugs are sneaky little pests that can be hard to spot and remove. You’re especially at risk for bed bugs when moving, as they thrive in the dark, tight conditions of a rental vehicle. Employing some of these tactics can help mitigate your risk of bed bugs as you move to a new house, city, or even state.

Inspect The Vehicle

Be sure to inspect the interior of your moving truck before you choose a rental vehicle or start packing it with your valuables. You can look for visible signs of bed bugs in the nooks and crannies of your rental car. Use a flashlight and search for any droppings or other indicators. Doing so will ensure you’re getting the cleanest vehicle possible that matches your standards.

Wash and Heat Your Clothes

Can You Get Bed Bugs From U-Haul_

Bed bugs can withstand a wide range of temperatures, from freezing all the way to 122 degrees Fahrenheit. One way to prevent bed bugs if you already have them is to heat your fabrics before moving. You should wash your clothes and other materials before you pack them. Be sure to heat appropriate clothing and textiles in the dryer on the highest setting to kill any and all bed bugs. You may also consider repeating this process when you land in your new home.

Use Plastic Coverings

One way you can prevent bed bugs while moving is to cover your valuables in plastic coverings. Wrapping your mattress, clothes, fabrics, and other valuables in plastic can prevent bed bugs and other pests from nesting.

Be sure to remove the plastic coverings BEFORE bringing them inside your new home to reduce the risk of any stragglers. Although this process is time-consuming, doing so may mitigate the risk of bed bugs and other pests.

Use Bug Bombs

Bug Bombs and pesticides are other ways you can prevent bed bugs in the back of your U-Haul rental vehicle. One individual who claims they’ve been in the moving sector for over 10 years states (paraphrased):

“Not ever has one of our moves resulted in any sort of report for bed bugs. While I’m sure this could have occurred in the past, the internet tends to blow things out of proportion. If it’s a worry for you, just buy a bed bug bomb online or at your local store and throw it in the POD/Rental Vehicle when you first accept it.”

Although a bed bug infestation may be unlikely from U-Haul rental vehicles, it’s better to be safe than sorry. For those reasons, purchasing a bug bomb or other pesticide before you move is definitely an advantageous move to consider.

Move During the Cold Months

Although bed bugs can withstand freezing temperatures, they enter a hibernation-like state in cold weather. This means transporting and moving during the colder months may be advantageous. Moving during the winter may not prevent bed bugs entirely, but it’s something to consider if your circumstance allows it.

Do U-Haul Rentals Have Bed Bugs?

U-Haul vehicles aren’t likely to contain bed bugs. However, the risk is still there, and it’s something to consider when moving. You can prevent bed bugs by properly inspecting your vehicle, covering your valuables in plastic, and practicing good hygiene habits. If you aren’t sure about your rental vehicle, be sure to speak with your local U-Haul dealer.

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