Can I Drive Lyft Anywhere?

If you drive for Lyft, you know it can be a good way to make some extra money. But what if you need to visit family or decide to move somewhere for a while?

You should consider if you can drive for Lyft somewhere else. If not, you’ll have to decide if you can take time off from making money.

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Can I Drive in Another City or State?

You can drive for Lyft in another city or state. Before your first trip in a new place, you’ll need to change your driving region on your profile. If you go between two cities frequently, you can add the second city as an additional preference.

When driving for Lyft in a second city or state, you’ll need to meet that region’s requirements. Some states have more requirements than others, so you may not be able to drive just anywhere.

How to Drive for Lyft Anywhere

If you want to drive for Lyft in a different city or state, you can do so. This is useful if you travel frequently or if you have multiple homes. It’s also nice for people who live on the border of two states and want to pick up more passengers.

As long as you meet the requirements in multiple places, you can drive anywhere. Just make sure you set up your account correctly if you want to maintain your current driving region.

Every driver situation is a bit unique. However, there are a few steps you can follow to drive for Lyft wherever you are.

Review Your Local Requirements

Can I Drive Lyft Anywhere

First, you should consider the Lyft driving requirements for your state or city. Of course, you should already meet the vehicle requirements, age requirement, and have provided the necessary documents.

However, if it’s been a while since you looked at the requirements, check them again. That way, you can make sure you’re still able to drive for Lyft, in general.

Knowing the requirements for your current location can also help with the next step.

Compare the New Requirements

Next, you’ll want to look at the requirements for the new state where you want to drive. Some larger cities, such as New York or Chicago have specific requirements.

Depending on the new state or city, you may have to meet more conditions to drive. For example, if you move from Kansas to Nebraska, you’ll need to provide proof of a vehicle inspection before you can drive in the second state.

However, if you already drive in Nebraska, Kansas won’t require anything extra. The one exception is if you’re going to drive in the western part of either state. You’ll need a newer vehicle to drive in those areas.

Consider the full list on Lyft’s website. Then, you can figure out if you need anything new where you’ll be driving.

Change Your Settings

When you change your location or add a new one, Lyft will ask you for an address. This will allow Lyft to verify you’ll be available to drive in the new city.

Next, you can go into your Lyft account or to the website and contact support. You will want to log into your account if you go through the website.

Make sure you have your name and contact information. You should also have the city you’re in now and where you want to drive. Finally, make sure you have an address so that you can update your account.

Review Your Account

In case your driving preferences ever change again, you should keep an eye on things. That way, you can remove any driving preferences, such as if you know you won’t want to drive in your prior city.

On the other hand, if you move back home, you’ll want to update your account accordingly. Then, you’ll be able to drive for Lyft when you get back.

You should also check your driving preferences if you learn of someone hacking your account. Another person may try to drive for Lyft in another city using your identity. Keeping track of that activity can help you protect yourself and your account.

Will You Drive for Lyft Anywhere

Will You Drive for Lyft Anywhere?

Driving for Lyft is an excellent side hustle or full-time gig. Before you go on a trip or move, you should consider how to keep driving in the new city. Be sure to review the requirements and update your account preferences. Then, you’ll be able to drive in your new area.

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