Can You Leave Your Car at U Haul?

If you are in the process of moving you may need to rent out a U Haul. When you rent out a U Haul you will usually need someone to ride with you, another designated driver who can drive your vehicle while you drive the U Haul. However, you may be doing this all alone and need to leave your car parked at U Haul.

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Can I Park My Car At U Haul?

Yes, you can park your car at U Haul. U Haul will not have your car towed away and impounded. There are no rules against leaving your car parked at your local U Haul. It is not recommended because this leaves your car exposed to thieves and weather elements.

Where Should I Leave My Car When I Rent a U Haul?

When you rent a U Haul, you should leave your car at a safe spot or place. Somewhere that you trust it not to be messed with. However, this is not always the case for everyone. Some people travel alone and make moves on their own so they don’t have anyone to get their car once they pick up the U Haul rental and drive it to a relative or friend’s house.

If this is the case with you, you do have the option of leaving your car in the U Haul parking lot. Some people will worry that their car is going to get impounded or towed for being parked overnight at the U Haul place. I’m here to tell you that it’s not.

U Haul will not penalize you for leaving your car parked in their parking lot. People do this all the time. It is nothing new or nothing to be worried about as far as getting the law called on you.

Just make sure you pay attention to the different signs that are posted around the parking lot. Those signs are there for a reason so use them. They will direct you if you can or can’t park in a particular spot.

What If Someone Steals My Car From U Haul?

Can You Leave Your Car at U Haul

If someone steals your car from U Haul, the first thing you should do is call the police. This is the risk that you are taking when you choose to leave your car parked at a U Haul. Even if you are locking your doors, it still may be unsafe to leave your car parked at the U Haul location.

Don’t even think that you are going to get any help from U Haul if your car is stolen. They may be willing to let the law enforcement see the video footage at the most. Other than that, they are going to wipe their hands with it.

You may want to blame them or even threaten to sue U Haul for your car coming up stolen. You can’t because they probably already advised you that leaving your car wasn’t a good idea. And even if they didn’t advise you, it is really not their place to warn you.

You should know how to use good judgment and determine whether leaving your car at a U Haul all night or even for days at a time is a good idea.

What If My Car is Damaged At U Haul?

If your car is damaged at U Haul there is nothing that U Haul can really do. You will have to call the police on your own and file a report. U Haul again, may be willing to show video footage to law enforcement but that is about as deep as they are going to go.

If your U Haul is located in a bad area, you probably suspected that something like this could happen to your car. Even if you had no idea the area was bad or that this could happen, you can’t blame U Haul. U Haul doesn’t force anyone to park their car there and therefore cannot be held responsible when something like this goes wrong.

How to Get Permission to Leave My Car at U Haul?

You do not need permission to leave your car at U Haul. If you need to leave it then do so but you don’t need permission. Keep in mind that there likely aren’t any security officers present on the premises and that anything can happen to your car and U Haul will not be liable or held responsible.

You could call and talk to a manager at U Haul if you just feel you need to talk to someone. However, just know that there is not much they can do and nothing they can promise you in regards to leaving your car parked at the U Haul parking lot.

No permission is needed but you could always call someone at U Haul and tell them your situation. Not saying that it would really make much of a difference but you never know. It really couldn’t hurt to reach out and just let someone know that you’ll be leaving your car on the parking lot.

Where to Leave My Car After Renting a U Haul?

If you don’t want to leave your car at a U Haul but you have nowhere else to leave it, there may not be too many options for you. You could leave it at a friend or relative’s home. Or you could park it in a local public area like WalMart or the park but it could be towed if you don’t have the right permissions.

Do your research and don’t just park your car anywhere. There are rules and restrictions for parking at most places. So be careful when you decide to park.

Can I Leave My Car Parked at U Haul

Can I Leave My Car Parked at U Haul?

Yes, you can leave your car parked at U Haul. However, it is not recommended that you leave your car parked at the U Haul because someone could steal it and run off with it or they could vandalize it.

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