Can You Take a U Haul to Mexico?

If you are moving to Mexico you probably are thinking about renting a U Haul. However, you aren’t sure if you will be allowed to take a U Haul to Mexico. This is definitely something that you need to know before renting a U Haul.

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Can You Drive a U Haul to Mexico?

No, you cannot drive a U Haul to Mexico. The U Haul contracts specifically state that their trucks are not to cross the U.S./ Mexico border. This is because U Haul doesn’t have any locations in Mexico so it wouldn’t make sense to drive their trucks there.

Will I Be Arrested for Driving a U Haul Truck to Mexico?

Since it is prohibited that you drive a U Haul truck to Mexico, you could get into a lot of legal trouble for doing so. If you ignore this and go to Mexico in a U Haul you will probably be pulled over and arrested. Or U Haul will report the truck stolen and you will go to jail for stealing a truck.

The fact that there are no U Haul locations in Mexico will prove that you had bad intentions. Even if it wasn’t your plan to steal the truck and you were planning on returning it, you still will be in big trouble with U Haul and the law for breach of contract.

This is not going to workout in your best interest if you choose not to play by the rules. You’ll probably get arrested for grand theft auto and then that mark will go on your record. Ask anyone with a record how hard it is

What Happens If I Go to Mexico In A U-Haul?

Can You Take a U Haul to

If you go to Mexico in a U Haul even after you’ve been told and signed a contract or agreement saying that you can’t and shouldn’t drive a U Haul to Mexico, you will be in trouble.

You could get in a lot of legal trouble because that truck will be reported stolen or missing by U Haul. They could press charges and you could do jail time and be fined heavily for taking the U Haul truck to Mexico without permission.

And you obviously didn’t have permission because you signed an agreement that clearly said not to take the U Haul truck to Mexico. If you go to Mexico in a U-Haul, you’ll probably be stopped by the border patrol. Now, I don’t know this to be a fact but I can imagine that people at the border also know that U Hauls are not allowed in Mexico.

So if you drive up to the border in a U-Haul, expect to be questioned by border patrol. You will also be denied entry into Mexico more than likely. It makes no sense to try and take a U-Haul to Mexico when you know that you shouldn’t.

What Rental Trucks Can I Drive to Mexico?

I imagine that Mexico has rental trucks within the United States. I don’t personally know this to be true. However, it would make sense because people move to Mexico from the United States all the time.

Since you can’t take a U-Haul to Mexico, you should look at other truck rental companies. Maybe you should call around and ask these companies if you can enter Mexico in their truck. If so, your problem is solved.

If not, you have to keep looking or start looking at alternatives. One of the rental places that often have trucks for you to rent and take to Mexico is Enterprise Rent-A-Car. I’m not sure if they have box trucks like a U-Haul but I think they may.

Even if they don’t, you may be able to work with Enterprise’s trucks regardless of the size. On the other hand, they may have a bigger truck that you can actually use to help you move your things. So you may want to reach out to Enterprise Rent-A-Car and see if they can help you out with your move to Mexico.

I’m sure they would be more than happy to help you.

What to Do If I Can’t Find a Rental Truck to Drive to Mexico?

If you can’t find a rental truck to drive to Mexico, there are a few things you could try or do. One thing would be to find a private rental truck company in your area that owns box trucks and are willing to allow you to drive it to Mexico. This may be a hard task because if they don’t have a branch in Mexico, they won’t have an easy way to retrieve their truck once you are done.

You may have to arrange to drive the truck back to the United States or have someone else drive the truck back for you. Either way, you will have to still return the truck. Another thing you probably could do is borrow a truck from a friend or relative who doesn’t mind their truck entering Mexico.

Your last resort is to buy a used truck and take it to Mexico.

Can You Drive To Mexico In A U Haul

Can You Drive To Mexico In A U Haul?

There are no U Hauls located in Mexico so no, you cannot drive a U Haul to Mexico. It is strictly prohibited and outlined in the rental agreement that you are not allowed to cross the U.S./ Mexico border in a U Haul.

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