Can You Order Costco Pizza Online?

If you want to order a pizza from Costco, you may be wondering if this is something that you can do online. This is a common question as many Costco shoppers love the pizza that is sold there and may want to order it online instead of going to the store.

The food at Costco has become something that highlights the whole experience of shopping at the store. Everyone who has shopped at Costco has at some point stopped at the food court to enjoy a hotdog or a slice of pizza.

This is why the food sold at Costco has become so popular, as so many people have enjoyed it during their shopping trips. This is why they may want to be able to order this food online even if they aren’t going to shop at Costco.

Keep reading to find out whether or not you can order Costco pizza online.

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Can You Buy Costco Pizza Online?

If you want to order a Costco pizza, this is something that you cannot do online as this is not an option for Costco shoppers. In order to buy a Costco pizza, you will need to buy it directly from the Costco store and not online.

cant order cotsco pizza online

This is something that Costco is very strict about as it does not sell its fast food online. This is something that many customers are interested in, but Costco has yet to show any sign of offering this option as of right now.

Most of everything that you can do at Costco is necessary for you to do it in the actual store. Costco does not have much of an online presence, so you have to visit the store when you want to buy something, especially fresh food.

This is something to keep in mind if you want to order a Costco pizza. You cannot do this online like you can with many other pizza places, as Costco is primarily a bulk store and not a fast food restaurant.

Costco’s fast food area is a very popular location for Costco shoppers to stop at after shopping through the store. But Costco is still primarily a store and prioritizes selling its merchandise over selling its food.

Can You Order Costco Pizza Ahead of Time?

Now that you know that you cannot order Costco pizza online, you may be wondering if you can order it ahead of time when you are shopping. This is a good question to ask as you may want to get a Costco pizza, but you do not want to have to wait for it to be prepared.

The Costco food court is a very efficient area of the store, but it does typically require a wait time when you place your order. Whether you are finishing up your shopping trip or just plan on getting some food from Costco, you may not want to wait very long.

The good news is that you can order ahead to get a Costco pizza if you call by phone. You can do this so that your pizza is ready once you have finished shopping, or you can drive to your local Costco to pick up your pizza once it is ready.

This saves you time and gives you the convenience of simply grabbing your pizza once it is ready to go. This way, you can avoid having to wait in line and have your food prepared if you want to enjoy it right now.

The Costco staff in the food court should be able to tell you how long your pizza will take to prepare. This way, you will know when you need to arrive at the food court to pick up your pizza once it is finished.

call costco to order pizza

How Many Slices Do You Get in a Costco Pizza?

The most common pizza at the Costco food court that people love to buy is the 18-inch pizza. This is a large pizza that allows you to enjoy even more of this delicious pizza made fresh right there in the store.

But you may not know how many people this pizza can feed, as 18 inches isn’t much to go by. This is especially important if you are feeding a crowd and need to have enough slices on hand to keep everybody happy and satisfied.

If you order an 18-inch pizza from Costco, you should plan on getting 12 slices per pizza. This is enough to comfortably feed a crowd, depending on how hungry they are and how many people you’re feeding.

Many people also buy this pizza so that they have leftovers for a few days that they can go and grab. Either way, an 18-inch pizza at Costco is a great option as it is at a very affordable price for the size of the pizza.

costco pizza so good

Why Is the Pizza at Costco So Good?

So many Costco customers are obsessed with the pizza at the food court, but why is that? The Costco does not specialize in making pizzas, it has perfected its own pizzas, creating delicious options for its customers.

Some of the reasons why Costco shoppers love the pizza sold here are because:

  • It’s affordable
  • It’s fresh
  • Every slice is perfect

Costco prides itself on making its pizzas fresh and affordable so that its customers have something to enjoy after their shopping trip. So you have the option of buying individual slices or buying an entire pizza if you prefer.

If you buy individual slices, you can’t depend on every slice being perfected so that you get the perfect balance. Each pizza is also perfectly balanced with the sauce, cheese, and all of the toppings.

Can Costco Pizza be Ordered Online?

If you want to buy a Costco pizza, it is important to note that you cannot do this online. You will have to either order it in the store or call the food court to order your pizza ahead of time.

As of right now, Costco does not allow its customers to order any of its food online. Costco still does not have much of an online presence, requiring its customers to do what they need to do in the store.

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