Whole Foods Employee Dress Code

If you are interested in working at Whole Foods, you may be wondering what the dress code is for the store. This is a good question to ask as every store is going to have its own dress code that you must follow to work there.

Whole Foods is generally known for being a relaxed environment where people can express themselves easily. That being said, Whole Foods still has a dress code that all of its employees must follow if they want to work there.

This is something that you should look into before ever applying for a job at Whole Foods so that you know whether or not this is a good fit for you. After all, you will be working at the store every week, and you want to be able to wear things you like.

Keep reading to find out what kind of dress code Whole Foods has and what restrictions there are on employees.

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What Kind of Dress Code Do Whole Foods Employees Have to Follow?

The dress code for Whole Foods employees is commonly known for being relaxed and minimal, allowing employees to express themselves. This dress code allows for T-shirts that are plain colored and pants of a solid color that are in good condition.

whole foods employee dress code

Employees have to wear close-toed shoes, and they cannot wear any kind of adornment or logo on their clothing. They can wear hats, but they must be Whole Foods brand hats with the Whole Foods logo on the front.

This is also going to depend on the Whole Foods location as some managers are more relaxed than others. This is why you will see different types of dress codes that people say they have to follow at Whole Foods.

Though in recent years, Whole Foods did crack down on its dress code a little bit more, making it less of a relaxed environment. This meant that most Whole Foods locations were encouraged to maintain higher dress code standards.

This put more emphasis on keeping employees looking clean and plain when on the job. This ended up restricting far more patterns and types of clothing that employees could wear.

Though the dress code at Whole Foods is still very relaxed, allowing employees to wear clothes from home instead of having to wear a uniform.

what to wear as whole foods employee

Why Did the Whole Foods Dress Code Change?

A few years ago, Whole Foods changed its dress code a little bit by requiring locations to be stricter on the employees. It didn’t change the dress code dramatically, but it did reinforce certain elements of it.

This put far more emphasis on employees looking plain and very minimal in what they wore. While plain T-shirts and solid-colored pants were always required, many employees were able to tweak these rules a bit.

After Whole Foods made its announcement about the dress code, locations were required to enforce these rules more strictly. This really cracks down on colors and patterns, making it hard for employees to feel like they could express themselves.

Though the dress code is still very relaxed as far as dress codes go, many employees were worried about the repercussions of this. Many believe that this was taking away the character of the store, suppressing the employee’s expression.

employee choosing what to wear

Can Employees Wear Pins at Whole Foods?

If you want to work at Whole Foods there are certain things that you will not be able to wear on the job. This is because the dress code will not allow for certain things when you work there.

This includes things like:

  • Ripped jeans
  • Slogans
  • Patterns
  • Pins
  • Athleisure

These are examples of things that you will not be able to wear if you work at Whole Foods. Many employees may wonder if they can wear pins, but this is something that is also not allowed as this is a form of expression or slogan.

dress code at whole foods

Whole Foods is very focused on making sure that none of its employees wear anything that is offensive or political on the job. It also wants to make sure that its employees look professional and respectful, which is why athleisure and ripped jeans are not allowed.

Busy patterns are also prohibited as Whole Foods once its employees to dress in solid colors to not distract the eye.

What Is the Employee Dress Code at Whole Foods?

If you are going to be working at Whole Foods, you will need to make sure to follow the dress code to the T. This includes wearing plain and solid colors with close-toed shoes and avoiding any kind of accessory.

Whole Foods does not allow its employees to wear any kind of pattern, slogan, or branding on their clothing. Employees are allowed to wear hats as long as they are Whole Foods brand hats with the Whole Foods slogan on the front.

Whole Foods used to be a lot more relaxed with its dress code but changed this in recent years to crack down more on its employees. This means that employees should expect to have this dress code enforced much more at all Whole Foods locations.

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