Costco Printer Return Policy

Costco sells just about everything you could need. But that doesn’t mean the specific items they carry are going to be the best for you.

You might realize that the printer you bought doesn’t work as well as you need it to. In that case, you’ll want to know if you can return the item.

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What’s Costco’s Printer Return Policy?

Costco accepts returns on electronics (including printers) for 90 days after purchase. It doesn’t matter if you’ve used the printer. However, you must return all of the included accessories for a refund or to exchange the model.

The store accepts in-store and online returns. Consider how you bought the printer to determine which return method you should use.

Costco will refund your purchase if you’re not happy with the item. However, electronics (such as printers) have some limitations. For one, you can only return the printer for up to 90 days after you receive it.

Now, the store can deny your return and your refund request. That may happen if you don’t have all of the original accessories that you received with your printer. However, you can still return the printer if you’ve used it, including the ink that came with it.

Costco Printer Return Policy

Return a Printer to Costco

If you realize you bought the wrong printer or that you just don’t like it, you can return your printer to Costco. You have access to a couple of options depending on how you ordered the device.

Consider the following ways to get your money back on a printer from Costco.

An In-Store Purchase

If you buy a printer from a Costco warehouse, your only option is to return it to a warehouse. You can take it back to the location where you bought it. However, you can also take it to any other Costco store to complete the return.

That’s nice if you move or if you can no longer visit the original store for some reason. Of course, you’ll need to bring the printer and all of its accessories. Otherwise, you’ll have to leave the store and come back with those items to process your return.

An Online Order

If you ordered your printer online, you can take it to a local Costco store. However, you also have the option of returning the item by mail. You can start the process on the Costco website.

When you return something by mail, it can take time to process the refund. You’ll need to ship the printer and wait for Costco to receive it. But you can choose to use USPS or UPS for shipping.

Receipt Needed

One of the nice things about Costco returns is that you don’t need your receipt. The employees can look up your transaction using your member ID. As long as you have that, you can find the transaction that included the printer.

That can be nice if you don’t get to try your printer right away. Of course, it’s also helpful if you lose receipts or if you shred your receipt before you can try the printer.

Do You Need the Original Box

You can also return a printer to Costco if you don’t have the original box for it. However, you’ll still need to have any cables or other accessories that came with the printer. Having the box can make it easier to carry everything back to the store.

It will also help you remember what all came with the printer so that you can gather the accessories. But if you throw out the box, you can use another box that fits everything. Then, you can take those items back to the store or ship them to Costco.

Exchange a Printer at Costco

You can exchange a printer at Costco, and this is really easy with an in-store return. Go to the returns counter and process the refund. Then, you can go into the main part of the store and look at the models they have in stock.

If you find one you like, you can head to the checkout counter and buy it. But with mail returns, you may not be able to exchange your printer as easily. You’ll want to wait for Costco to refund you, and then you can go online or to a local warehouse to shop for a new printer.

Does Costco Charge for Returns?

Costco doesn’t charge you to return a printer or any other item. You can take the item to your local Costco store, so all it will cost you is a bit of gas.

If you prefer to return the printer by mail, you can also do so for free. You’ll need to ship the item using USPS or UPS. Costco will give you a free shipping label to print, and you can take it and the box to the post office.

Can a Non-Member Return a Printer?

Non-members can return a printer to Costco, which is nice if someone gives you a printer as a gift. If you want to get your money back, you’ll need the member’s ID number. That way, Costco can process the refund.

Of course, another option is to ask the member to come with you to return the printer. They can bring their card and give the store all of that information.

How to Return a Printer to Costco

What If the Store Doesn’t Accept My Return?

Costco employees have the right to refuse a return and refund if they think the item isn’t in the right condition. Luckily, you have options if that happens.

First, you could ask for the manager to get a second opinion. Another thing you can do is go to another Costco warehouse in your area. They might think the item is fine for a return.

You can return a printer to Costco, but you have to meet some requirements. The order must be less than 90 days old, and you need to return all of the printer’s accessories. But you won’t need a receipt since Costco can find the transaction with your member account.

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