Does Arby’s Take Apple Pay?

Arby’s is a great place to go when you’re craving some meat. But what if you’re out and about and don’t have your cash or cards on hand?

If you have your phone, you can use Apple Pay at many places. Consider if Arby’s is one of those stores that accept the digital payment method.

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Does Arby’s Accept Apple Pay?

Some Arby’s locations accept Apple Pay, but not all do. The restaurant needs special equipment to accept digital payments, and not all locations have that. Also, even if a store does take Apple Pay, the system may go down occasionally.

Fortunately, you can check if an Arby’s location accepts Apple Pay ahead of time. Then, you can know if you’ll be able to pay for the food you want.

Why Not All Arby’s Locations Take Apple Pay?

While many Arby’s stores take Apple Pay, some don’t. A big reason for this is that taking digital payments requires a special point of sale (POS) system. The system can be expensive, and the store might not have the funds right now.

Another potential reason is that the store does take Apple Pay, but the system is down. The register could experience some issues, such as the network going offline. That can keep you from using Apple Pay at the restaurant.

Finally, Arby’s is a franchise, so every location has a different owner. If a franchisee has yet to buy the necessary gear or to set it up, they might not be able to take Apple Pay.

Buy a Prepaid Card

How to Tell If an Arby’s Location Takes Apple Pay

Luckily, you can learn if an Arby’s location accepts Apple Pay. There are a few ways to do this, so you can get the food you want with the payment method you prefer.

Consider the following options for learning if your nearby Arby’s will take Apple Pay.

Call the Store

The most accurate option is to call the specific Arby’s location you want to visit. You can get on the phone with an employee or manager and ask if they have Apple Pay.

Not only will this tell you if they have the portal, but you can also learn if the network is down. If so, you’ll know you need to wait to visit that Arby’s to get the food you want.

Of course, this can also be inconvenient since you have to call. You can only get the information you need when the store is open.

Use Apple Maps

Another option is to get on your iPhone and use the Apple Maps app. Look for the Arby’s location you want to go to and tap on it.

That will bring up its information page, and you can scroll until you see the Good to Know section. The section has details about their drive-thru and delivery options. It also tells you what payment methods it accepts, including Apple Pay.

If the location you look at doesn’t have Apple Pay, you can use the map to find another store. Keep looking at the restaurant info until you find one that accepts digital payments.

How to Tell If an Arby's Location Takes Apple Pay

Ask Your Friends

Maybe you have friends or relatives who go to Arby’s often. You can ask them if the restaurant accepts Apple Pay.

Of course, they may only know about one location. And if they don’t use Apple Pay, they may never notice if the POS is set up to take payments.

However, it’s still a good option, and you can get an answer at any time. You don’t even need to use Apple Maps if you don’t like the app.

Use Apple Pay at Arby’s

If you learn an Arby’s does accept Apple Pay, you can use the contactless payment method. You’ll want to go through the line as normal and place your order how you usually would.

When it’s time to pay, grab your phone and open the wallet app. Point your phone toward the POS and make sure the payment goes through.

While you may be able to pay this way through the drive-thru, it’s better to go inside. The cords to the POS might not be long enough for you to pay with your phone in the car.

Other Ways to Pay at Arby’s

The Arby’s near you may not take Apple Pay, or the system could have issues. If either is the case, you can still buy the food you want. To do so, you’ll need to pay with cash or a credit or debit card.

You can also use prepaid gift cards from Visa or Mastercard. And as long as the internet still works, you could use Visa or Mastercard’s digital payment options. Sadly, you can’t use a check to pay for your food at Arby’s.

Arby’s Doesn’t Accept Apple Pay

If you find that your local Arby’s doesn’t accept Apple Pay, you have options. Of course, you could explore other Arby’s stores in your city.

But if none of those options take Apple Pay, consider the following things.

Order in the App

Instead of ordering and paying at Arby’s, download the app. You should be able to pay with Apple Pay in the app. Then, all you need to do is head to the restaurant and pick up your order ahead of time.

You may also be able to order using the Arby’s website. As long as you order through Safari on your phone, you can use Apple Pay as the payment method.

Eat Elsewhere

The easiest option might be to save Arby’s for another day. You can look around for other restaurants that accept Apple Pay. This is nice if you only have your phone with you and can’t pay for food any other way.

Of course, it’s not ideal if you’re specifically craving a roast beef sandwich, for example. But if you’re flexible with what you eat, you can look at McDonald’s or other fast food places.

Buy a Prepaid Card

If your Arby’s location is near a grocery or convenience store, head there. Many retailers accept Apple Pay and sell gift cards.

How to Use Apple Pay at Arby's

You can use your Apple Pay to buy a gift card with just enough money on it for your Arby’s order. Then, you can take the prepaid gift card back to the restaurant to pay for your food.

You won’t have to go back home for your wallet, but you’ll want to make sure the store where you get the card accepts Apple Pay.

Ask a Friend

If you’re out with a friend, ask if they have cash or a card and are willing to pay. You can then pay them back when you get your wallet.

Of course, a lot of people use Venmo or PayPal. So you could pay your friend right away for the food you order. It’s not always ideal, but it can be an option if nothing else works.

You can use Apple Pay at Arby’s, but some locations may not take the payment. Be sure to call ahead or check out the location on Apple Maps. Then, you’ll know if you need to bring cash or a physical card or if you may want to head to another Arby’s location to get food.

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