Crate and Barrel Return Policy

If you are thinking of buying something from Crate and Barrel, you may want to know about its return policy for the items there. This is a good thing to know before making any purchase so that you know if these items are returnable.

Every store is going to have a different return policy, so you should never just assume what it may be. Some places don’t even accept refunds, so you don’t want to be later surprised by this news if you wish to make a return.

return policy

It is best to check out the return policy before committing to any purchases, just so you know a return is an option if you find it necessary later on. Keep reading to find out what Crate and Barrel’s return policy is like and what to expect.

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What Is Crate and Barrel’s Return Policy?

Crate and Barrel has a pretty standard return policy that allows you to make returns after 90 days after making the purchase. This gives you more than enough time to decide if the item that you bought is the right fit for you.

In order to make a return to Crate and Barrel, you have to supply some form of proof, such as:

  • A receipt
  • Gift receipt
  • eReceipt
  • Original packaging slip
  • Order number

These are a few forms of proof that you can use to make your return, you must have at least one. This is important because it shows Crate and Barrel that you did buy this item.

Without one of these options, Crate and Barrel won’t be able to accept the return as you have no proof of making this purchase. There are instances where it may also be able to find proof by using your email address or the credit card used for the item.

You will be able to receive a full refund to your original payment method with no extra fees applied for the return. You may have to wait longer for online returns as the item must reach Crate and Barrel before being refunded to you.

Can Returns be Exchanged at Crate and Barrel?

If you are unhappy with a purchase from Crate and Barrel you can choose to either return it for a refund or an exchange. This also applies to items that end up being damaged or defective.

Crate and Barrel Return Policy

You will have to supply some kind of proof of purchase to have either option when making a return. This way, you can choose to return your item and exchange it with the same item or with something else.

The item you exchange it with must be the same price and be a regular price. It cannot be marked down or be on clearance or on sale to be exchanged.

Keep in mind that Crate and Barrel returns can only be made using the method in which you bought the item. So if you ordered this item, you must ship it back as a return, if you bought it in the store, you must return it to the store.

If you live outside of the US, Crate and Barrel returns can only be made to the location where you bought them.

What Crate and Barrel Items Cannot be Returned?

Crate and Barrel has a great return policy that allows you to return most of the items that you might have bought. The only thing it asks for is that they are returned unused, undamaged, and in like new condition.

What Crate and Barrel Items Cannot be Returned

These are pretty easy rules to follow when making a return as long as you were careful with the item. Though you can return items after 90 days, you don’t want to have been using those items for those 90 days.

Otherwise, they will not be in like new condition and may not be accepted. This is why you shouldn’t use any Crate and Barrel items until you know for sure that you want to keep them.

Crate and Barrel items that cannot be returned, under any circumstances are:

  • Final sale items
  • Live botanicals
  • Items that you damaged
  • Obviously used items

These are the only times when Crate and Barrel won’t accept returns from customers. Keep in mind that damaged or defective items that you bought that way can be returned or exchanged as long as you have proof of making the purchase yourself.

If you find that an item is defective, damaged, or missing parts, you should contact Crate and Barrel as soon as you can. This way, you can either get a full refund or get that item exchanged with one in perfect condition.

Can Registry Items be Returned to Crate and Barrel?

If you got Crate and Barrel items through a gift registry, you may be wondering if these apply to the return policy. The good thing is that you can return Crate and Barrel items if they came from a gift registry.

What you need to be able to do this is to have the gift receipt or the registry gift number. These act as proof that the item was purchased by you or on your behalf, so you have the right to return it to the store.

If you can provide this proof, you can make the return, and you will be refunded with a shop card. This will be a card with the amount that was paid for the item so that you can use it to buy something else that you want more.

This isn’t as good as a full refund, but it is still a good option for gift registry items. This way, you won’t be stuck with items that you don’t actually want.

What Does Crate and Barrel Do With Returns?

If you have made a return to Crate and Barrel, you may be wondering what happens to these returns. Where do these returns go, and what does Crate and Barrel end up doing with them?

Can Registry Items be Returned to Crate and Barrel

We don’t know much about what happens to returned Crate and Barrel items once they are returned, but some are resold. The items that are returned in the best quality can be resold to someone else.

This is why Crate and Barrel asks that all returns be in like new condition so that they are able to be sold in the store. It may also sell returned items to discount stores where returned items are sold to people at a discount.

Other than that, there is no knowing where these items ultimately end up after you have returned them.

What Kind of Return Policy Does Crate and Barrel Have?

Crate and Barrel has a return policy that allows you to make any returns within 90 days of making the purchase. For ordered items, this timeline starts once they have been delivered to your door.

You can return Crate and Barrel items as long as they are unused, undamaged, and are still in their original condition. Keep in mind that the standards for furniture and rugs are slightly different from other merchandise.

You can even return gift registry items if you can show proof of the purchase. This is commonly done with a gift receipt, eReceipt, or a gift registry number, though you won’t get an actual refund for this.

You will get a shop card that you can use to purchase something else in the Crate and Barrel store.

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