Does a U-Haul Come With a Dolly?

If you are planning on renting a u-haul, you may be wondering if it comes with a dolly. This can be a very important detail, especially if you are using the u-haul to move.

A dolly can be a very important tool when moving, which is why you may want to make sure that you get one. If you are wondering whether or not a u-haul comes with a dolly, keep reading.

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Does a Dolly Come with a U-Haul?

A dolly does not come with a u-haul, it is a tool that can be added to your rental. Despite the fact that many renters need a dolly, they do not come with u-haul rentals. You will need to specifically ask to rent a dolly as well as the u-haul.

This is because a dolly is not a part of a u-haul, so it must be rented separately. This also allows U-Haul to make extra money off of renting out more moving equipment.

If you decide that you need a dolly in order to move with your u-haul, you can rent one from U-Haul. Just rent a dolly as an added piece of equipment, and it will come with your u-haul.

That is why it is a good idea to figure out just what kinds of moving equipment you need before renting your u-haul. This way you can rent everything that you need at once.

Do U-Hauls Come With Equipment?

None of the u-hauls from U-Haul come with any kind of equipment. They literally just come as is and do not have any additional pieces of equipment.

All equipment that U-Haul offers must be rented with its vehicles and labor options. This is a rental place, and it does not offer equipment for free.

That being said, U-Haul has a lot of equipment to offer if you want to rent it. It offers boxes, locks, moving and lifting tools, tape, dollys, ropes and tie-downs, and shipping boxes.

U-Haul even has labor that you can hire to help you out if you are struggling to move alone. Despite everything at U-Haul coming with a price, it is still a very reasonably priced rental place to use.

You can buy several options that it offers as well, such as tape, moving boxes, and other items that cannot be returned after being used.

Do You Need a Dolly to Move?

Does a U-Haul Come With a Dolly

If you are renting a u-haul because you are in the process of moving, it is a good idea to rent a dolly as well. U-hauls do not come with dollys, but this is a piece of moving equipment that is well worth renting on its own.

Though you do not necessarily have to have a dolly to move, it can be invaluable during the moving process. Without one, it can be significantly more difficult to move.

A dolly helps you to carry more boxes at one time without the risk of injuring yourself or dropping them. It can also be used to transport heavy or bulky pieces of furniture or equipment.

These are just some reasons why you may want to consider renting a dolly song with your u-haul.

Will a Dolly Come with My U-Haul?

A dolly will not come with a u-haul as it is a separate piece of moving equipment. U-Haul offers a large selection of moving equipment and materials, but they must all be bought or rented.

Will a Dolly Come with My U-Haul?

None of this equipment is going to come with your u-Haul rental for free. U-Haul is a rental company and makes a good amount of profit off of renting out equipment, which is why you can’t get it with your u-haul rental.

That being said, you can rent any of this equipment that you may need when you rent your u-haul. These are considered to be add-on items and will be added to your rental at a price.

Despite the fact that you have to rent this kind of equipment, U-Haul still offers some of the best prices out there. Even if you do need to rent several pieces of moving equipment, it will still end up being affordable.

U-Haul is one of the most reliable rental companies out there and is known for its reasonable prices.

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