Does Progressive Cover U-Haul?

If you are planning on renting from U-Haul, you may want to consider getting some insurance coverage. This can be very important as there is no knowing what could happen on the road.

Driving can be very dangerous, and anything could happen at any time, no matter how skilled a driver you are. This is why you should always get some kind of insurance to protect you from being liable.

To find out if Progressive will cover U-Haul, keep reading to find out.

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Will Progressive Cover U-Haul?

Though U-Haul does not accept outside insurance, you can still use Progressive to cover you as you drive a rented u-haul. This will give you a certain amount of coverage and protect you from certain out-of-pocket expenses were something to happen.

It is important to understand that this only provides limited coverage, however. Progressive should be able to cover most damages to a U-Haul vehicle were something to happen.

Though Progressive will not cover your cargo or trailer unless you get extended coverage. This may not seem like a big deal, but it could be if the expensive cargo were to become damaged during your rental.

You may be able to get coverage for a u-haul trailer depending on the kind of Progressive coverage you have. But overall, Progressive does not cover trailers or the cargo that you are carrying.

Because U-Haul does not accept outside coverage, you would need to pay for damages out of pocket. Then you could report the damage to your insurance and get reimbursed for your expenses.

This all depends on the kind of Progressive coverage you have, as it can cover more or less depending on your plan.

Does U-Haul Have Its Own Insurance?

U-Haul has its own kind of coverage that comes in two different kinds of plans. This includes SafeMove and SafeMove Plus options for its customers.

Both SafeMove and SafeMove Plus cover accidental damage, medical and personal damages, towing damage, and cargo coverage. Though SafeMove is the basic option and only covers so much.

SafeMove Plus covers much more damage to a U-Haul rental and completely guarantees that you won’t be paying out of pocket. This is the only kind of coverage that will completely cover you in case of any accidents.

U-Haul strongly recommends that customers get SafeMove Plus, especially if they will be driving long distances. Anything can happen on the road, and you do not want to have to pay out of pocket for an accident.

SafeMove starts out at $14 and will go up depending on the length of your trip. While SafeMove Plus starts at $28 and will also go up significantly depending on your trip.

Can I Rent From U-Haul Without Coverage?

Does Progressive Cover U-Haul_

You can still rent from U-Haul even if you do not have any kind of coverage. This includes outside insurance like Progressive or U-Haul’s coverage options.

IU-Haul does not require renters to have any coverage to rent the vehicles, though it is highly recommended. It will be your own risk if you choose to not pay for any kind of coverage when renting a u-haul.

This is an option that many people take, but it can be a very risky one. Though most people can successfully use their rentals and return them accident-free, anything could happen on the road.

There are many situations while driving that could be completely out of your control and yet still cause damage to the vehicle. It can also be very easy to damage a u-haul vehicle when you are using it to move or transport items.

There is no way of knowing whether or not you could get into an accident or accidentally damage the rented vehicle.

Even a small amount of damage, such as a few scratches and dings, could quickly add up. Without coverage, this will be an entirely out-of-pocket expense on your part that will be added to your bill.

That is why it is best to get some form of coverage, even if it is U-Haul’s basic SafeMove plan to cover minimal damage. This will also help to cover any personal injuries were you get into a collision.

Is U-Haul Covered By Progressive?

Progressive can be used to cover some elements of your u-haul rental. U-Haul does not accept outside insurance options, so it will only offer limited coverage for your rental.

Progressive can help to cover most kinds of damage to your u-haul rental. This is usually only applied to vans and trucks that you would rent from U-Haul.

Progressive does not cover trailers or cargo, so these things will not have any coverage on the road. This could end up resulting in an out-of-pocket expense were something to happen.

If you want a better kind of coverage that will go farther, you can get U-Haul’s personal coverage plan. It offers two options, SafeMove and SafeMove plus, to its customers.

These coverage plans will cover damage and personal injury depending on the situation. SafeMove Plus will completely cover you and make sure that you are not liable for any damage.

Purchasing SafeMove Plus is really the only way to guarantee that you won’t have to pay any out-of-pocket expenses. SafeMove only offers limited coverage as it is the cheaper option to add to your rental.

No matter what option you decide to go with for coverage it is important to have some kind of coverage. You do not want to risk being liable for any damages done to your rented vehicle.

Getting coverage may seem expensive, but it could really save you money in the end.

Does Progressive Cover U-Haul

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