Does Ashley Furniture Price Match?

Ashley Furniture might be your favorite place to buy stuff for your home. But that doesn’t necessarily make it the cheapest store.

If you want to buy from there but don’t want to overspend, consider your options. That way, you’ll know if Ashley Furniture is the right place to go.

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Will Ashley Furniture Price Match?

Ashley Furniture will price match, but the item has to meet certain requirements. The product has to be in stock and identical. It also has to come from one of a few select retailers and can’t be a resale purchase.

You will have to pay the full amount when you buy something, and the store will credit you later. Keep that in mind when comparing prices.

Ashley Furniture Price Match Policy

Ashley Furniture will match the price of identical items that are in stock. However, they only match items from Amazon, Target, Walmart, Overstock, Wayfair, and Hayneedle. It’s probably safe to assume they won’t match third-party seller prices, though.

Will Ashley Furniture Price Match

When shopping online, you can send a request through the chat portal. Then, someone will verify the price at the competing store. They’ll process the price match after delivery, so you should prepare to pay the entire balance of the item.

If something goes wrong, you’ll receive a 10% off code for the next purchase. That way, you can still save when shopping at Ashley Furniture.

What They Won’t Match

Unfortunately, Ashley Furniture won’t match certain discounts. They won’t match prices through auctions or that require a membership to get. Bundles, rebates, and similar deals also don’t qualify for a price match.

Refurbished, damaged, and used items don’t qualify. Neither do clearance or other sales items.

If you want a price match when buying in-store, you have to ask that store for their policy. The corporate team only handles online orders.

Ashley Furniture Price Adjustment Policy

You can track the price on the Ashley Furniture website for 30 days after you buy something. If the price drops in that time, you can request a price adjustment.

Does Ashley Furniture Price Match

Now, the item has to be identical in terms of the size, brand, and other features. It also has to come from one of the same stores as the price match policy.

Once that 30-day window passes, you can’t get an adjustment.

What They Won’t Adjust

The restrictions are similar to price matches. You can’t get an adjustment on many sale items, bundles, or rebates. Clearance and liquidation deals also don’t qualify for an adjustment.

Special promotions for Black Friday and other holidays won’t get you an adjustment. So before you buy in early November, consider waiting if you can.

The store also won’t adjust for price errors or anything that requires you to purchase a certain amount of items, such as bulk discounts.

Why Price Match at Ashley Furniture

Getting a price match at Ashley Furniture takes some work. It’s not as easy as showing the lower price during the checkout process.

However, it can still be worth it. Here are a few advantages of asking for a price match or price adjustment at Ashley Furniture.

Ashley Furniture Price Match Policy

It’s Your Favorite Store

Maybe you prefer shopping at Ashley Furniture store. There are tons of shops in this category, but you might like the employees or the location.

You might even have a discount if you work there. No matter the reason, everyone has their favorite store.

Whether it’s your favorite furniture store or favorite place, in general, you should ask for a price match. Then, you don’t have to settle for another retailer just to get a deal.

It’s Your Only Option

Ashley Furniture could be your only option or best option. For example, you might have a gift card, or maybe your partner is willing to buy something for you from Ashley Furniture.

Or maybe there aren’t any other home furniture stores near you. If you don’t want to drive far to pick up your items, Ashley is a great place to shop.

But to keep from having to pay more, you can ask for a price match. This won’t always work in person depending on the owner’s policy, but it’s worth a try.

You’re Already There

Speaking of shopping in person, different people own each Ashley Furniture store. That means you can’t rely on the online policy for price matches.

However, you can (and should) ask if the specific location has its own policy. If you’re already shopping, it makes sense to ask to get the best deal.

Then, you won’t have to drive around town to another store or wait for shipping. When you need something right away, you can’t afford to wait for something to get to you.

Can You Price Match at Ashley Furniture?

You can price match something when buying from Ashley Furniture online. The item has to be identical and available for purchase. If you prefer to shop in a store, you have to ask that store’s employees to learn if they’ll match the price for you.

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