Does Sephora Price Match?

Sephora has some of the best makeup brands out there. But a lot of those brands aren’t exactly cheap, so you may want to shop around first.

If you find another store charges less, consider if you can get that price from Sephora. Then, you may be able to save money and time.

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Will Sephora Price Match?

Sephora generally won’t price match other stores. One reason for this is that many of the brands they sell are exclusive, so there’s nothing to price match. Even if you can find a product for cheaper, Sephora doesn’t feel the need to price match it.

The makeup store has built up a good reputation and has a loyal customer base. It wouldn’t make sense for them to discount items unnecessarily.

Potential Reasons Why Sephora Doesn’t Price Match

Sadly, Sephora doesn’t price match, but there are a few possible reasons for that. While the makeup store doesn’t list specific reasons, you can speculate.

Can You Price Match at Sephora

Here are a few things to think about in regard to the lack of a price match policy from Sephora.

Exclusive Brands

Sephora carries a lot of makeup and cosmetic brands. However, you may not find some of those brands at other retailers.

Because of that, Sephora doesn’t have anyone to price match, even if they wanted to. And they probably wouldn’t price match third-party sellers or resellers.

Instead, the store will choose a price it thinks is fair for the product. The product may go on sale, so you can buy it for less at times.

Customer Loyalty

Sephora has been around for a while. In that time, it’s been able to build and maintain a good reputation with its target audience. While some people may shop elsewhere for makeup, others might only go to Sephora.

Does Sephora Price Match

Because of that, the store can get away with charging a bit more. Customers know they can expect a quality product and a good shopping experience.

That means there’s no reason to price match another store. Loyal customers trust what they get from Sephora, and they’re willing to pay a premium.

Too Complex

Matching the price of a competitor can be difficult. A store needs to have the technology and processes to confirm the cheaper price and adjust the cost in their system. Sephora might not want to spend money on that part of their technology.

Instead, it makes more sense to train their employees in sales and makeup products. That way, they can give customers a unique and enjoyable experience in the store.

While prices can change due to sales, that’s not something employees have to handle. If the cashiers had to do price matches daily, that could also slow down the checkout process for everyone.

Sephora Sales

Sephora might not price match, but they do run regular sales. The store will even run sales around the same time as Ulta to stay competitive.

So while you may not be able to price match, you could shop for the best deal. Then, you can at least the lowest price on the type of product you want.

Of course, you may have to compromise on the brand. But if it’s cheaper at Ulta, you can order it from there to save money and get the product you need.

Sephora Price Adjustment

Whether Sephora runs a sale or discounts a specific thing, you may ask for a price adjustment. You can track the price of the product you buy for a few days after your purchase.

Sephora Price Adjustment

If you notice the price drops during that time, contact Sephora. Then, they can process a small refund for the difference. In this way, you could argue they do price match but it’s only for stuff in their stores.

Also, you have to be vigilant and catch the price change yourself. Sephora won’t automatically issue you a refund if they lower the price a day after you buy something. However, watching the price can be a bit more stressful than it’s worth, especially for a small discount.

Should You Still Buy From Sephora?

Even though Sephora doesn’t price match, you can still shop there. Maybe you like one of their exclusive brands and so can’t buy makeup elsewhere.

Or perhaps you’re a member of the Sephora Beauty Insider program. You can get exclusive sales and other gifts. In that case, you should take advantage of your membership.

The membership is free, but the more you shop, the more rewards you can earn. In some cases, that may pay off more than a simple price match at another retailer.

Can You Price Match at Sephora?

Sephora won’t price match other stores that sell similar products. However, you can get a price adjustment if they drop the price on your purchase a day or two later. Just make sure you track the changes because you have to initiate the request.

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