Does Chipotle Brown Rice Have Cilantro?

If you want to order the brown rice at Chipotle, you may want to know whether or not it still has cilantro added. This is a common question as the cilantro is only really shown to be added to the white rice on the menu.

You may wonder if the brown rice is made differently with different ingredients from the white rice. This is a reasonable thing to ask since the brown rice is a healthier alternative and may be made differently because of that.

Keep reading to find out if the brown rice at Chipotle has cilantro added to it.

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Does The Brown Rice at Chipotle Have Cilantro?

The brown rice at Chipotle does have cilantro added to it, just like the white rice does. Both types of rice are made in exactly the same way, but one is made with white rice and the other with brown rice. Other than that, they have the same ingredients.

Does Chipotle Brown Rice Have Cilantro

Chipotle has always added cilantro to its rice since this helps to add a bunch of flavor to the mild grain. Rice is generally pretty bland on its own, and this is Chipotle’s way of adding some intrigue to the side option.

Chipotle has also always offered both white and brown rice options since both are popular. While brown is considered to be healthier, white rice tends to be more popular as it is easier to eat and tastes better to most people.

Both of these rice options are made in the same way to ensure that every customer gets to have the same flavors. So whether you order the white or brown rice, the flavors will be the same, and there will still be plenty of cilantro.

This is an ingredient that pairs deliciously with Mexican food and goes great with any meal on the Chipotle menu.

What Does Chipotle Put in Its Rice?

Chipotle makes its rice in a very specific way, which is why it tastes so good. The rice is one of the most popular items on the menu at Chipotle as it id=s always perfectly cooked and is full of flavor.

Is There Cilantro in The Chipotle Brown Rice

It is truly the perfect side option with its bright and zesty flavor that pairs perfectly with other meal options on the menu. It is a delicious addition to a burrito, taco, salad, or any other Chipotle menu item.

The Chipotle rice is made by being simmered in water that has bay leaves added. This helps to bring out the savory nature of rice and gives it a better depth of flavor.

It is seasoned with a generous amount of salt along with lemon and lime juice. Then it is tossed in plenty of finely chopped cilantro that is fresh and vibrant.

This creates flavorful rice that is tangy and perfectly savory with little pops of bright green cilantro leaves throughout. If you want to have a filling meal at Chipotle, you may want to add some rice to your meal or better yet, a double scoop of rice.

Is There Cilantro in The Chipotle Brown Rice?

The brown rice at Chipotle is made with cilantro just like the white rice. Though many think the two types of rice are made differently, they are actually made in the same way using the exact same ingredients.

Chipotle only offers both options because it is a health-conscious restaurant and wants to give customers both options. Though rice is considered to be healthy in general, brown rice is relatively healthier than white rice.

Both options are made by being cooked in water infused with bay leaves for added savoriness. Then salt, cilantro, lime, and lemon juice are added for flavor. This gives the rice a bright and tangy flavor that makes it so addictively good.

Both the white and brown rice are great options and taste nearly identical. Brown rice is a bit chewier and has almost a malt type of flavor from the outer husk that is still intact.

White rice is much milder in flavor as that outer husk has been removed. Brown rice is generally considered to be healthier because the husk that is still intact is such a good source of dietary fiber.

No matter which type of rice you choose, both are delicious options to add to your Chipotle meal.

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