Does Chipotle Cater Weddings?

You may be wondering if Chipotle caters for weddings if your big day is coming up and you need a caterer. It is no secret that wedding catering can be extremely pricey, so you may wonder about more affordable options.

If you love Chipotle, you may also want to have Chipotle food at your wedding for your guests to enjoy. It is filling and healthy, while generally being enjoyed by most people who enjoy Mexican food.

Keep reading to find out whether or not Chipotle offers catering for weddings or other large gatherings.

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Does Chipotle Cater to Weddings?

Chipotle is one of the only fast-food restaurants to offer catering to all kinds of events, and yes, that includes catering weddings. You can find Chipotle’s catering options online, where you have multiple options of menu items for different amounts of people.

Can Chipotle Cater Weddings

The most reasonable catering option that Chipotle has to offer is The Big Spread package, which feeds 20 to 200 people. This is the ideal package for catering a wedding as it is affordable and serves a generous number of people.

The catering options at Chipotles include commonly liked menu items, such as beans, rice, salsa, sides, and three meats and vegetables. You can even add in the sofritas for a vegan spin on your catering options.

If you were to go the traditional route, you could expect to pay anywhere from $25 to $50 per person to eat at your wedding. And these prices are considered to be in the more reasonable range.

With Chipotle catering, each person costs around $12 to $13.50, depending on the foods that you choose. This is beyond affordable and provides a delicious and cheap catering alternative at your wedding.

This can be a very good option as Chipotle is generally a crowd pleaser and provides a filling meal for everyone.

Does Chipotle Catering Give Enough Food?

When it comes to finding a restaurant to cater your wedding, one big question is whether or not there is enough food. Some places skimp on the serving sizes and may not give you enough food for all of your guests.

Does Chipotle Cater Weddings

This can really be a big downside and even disturb the mood of your big day if guests are left wanting more.

People who have used Chipotle catering have said that it offers very generous serving sizes that anyone would enjoy. It generally serves generous meals in the restaurant, and you can expect the same treatment with its catering service.

It also provides all of the food items in containers so that they are easy to keep separate, organize, and save for later. This reduces the risk of contamination and also keeps the food fresher until it is served.

Many people even said that Chipotle’s catering service provided so much food that they had leftovers. Something that is very uncommon for wedding catering services.

This means that you could enjoy Chipotle leftovers the next day or send some home with each of your guests.

Can Chipotle Cater Weddings?

Chipotle is one of the only fast-food restaurant chains to start serving catering options for any kind of gathering. This is an option that it first introduced around 2013 and continues to offer on its website.

Catering options include several packages with different food options as well as different numbers of people meant to be served. This allows you to choose the option that is suitable for your wedding and the number of guests.

It is also an incredibly affordable option since each person’s meal comes to $12 to $13.50 per person. Whereas traditional catering costs, on average, $25 to $50 for more reasonable restaurants.

Fancy catering services can cost a great deal more per person, this makes Chipotle a very cheap option. Not to mention that it is delicious, healthy, and caters to different dietary needs.

Chipotle food is also generally a crowd pleaser, and most guests would enjoy eating it. In any package, you get rice, beans, salsa, vegetables, and three meat options, plenty of versatility for a crowd of guests.

Many people who have used Chipotle’s catering services have also said that it serves very reasonable portion sizes. This helps to ensure that you won’t run out of food or have to serve very small meals to your guests.

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