Does Chipotle Have Birthday Specials?

If you have a birthday coming up, you may be curious whether Chipotle has a birthday special that you can cash in on. This is good to know since many places offer birthday specials to entice more customers to buy things.

You can cash in big on your birthday if you know all of the places that give out free stuff for your big day. That is why it is not uncommon for customers to wonder if Chipotle also offers some kind of special birthday deal.

Keep reading to find out if Chipotle will give you anything free for your birthday.

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Is There a Chipotle Birthday Reward?

You can receive a free side of chips and guacamole on your birthday as well as a $5 special off of your purchase. This is available through the Chipotle rewards program within the Chipotle app, you only get this special through there.

Does Chipotle Give You Anything for Your Birthday

This is just one of the many benefits of joining the Chipotle rewards program, as it gives you these kinds of deals. Some say that you may even get a free entree for your birthday, but this is not a certainty.

Because your Chipotle app account will have your personal information, you should automatically get access to this special reward. It will be able to see your birth date and will send you your coupon to use for a qualifying order.

Male sure you read the details of this special to know if there are limitations or an expiration date. Some restaurants allow you to use a special any time that week, or it has to be on your actual birthday.

These details are worth knowing since you don’t want to miss out on getting free food from Chipotle on your birthday.

Does Chipotle Have Other Specials?

The best way to get special deals at Chipotle is to join the Chipotle rewards program. This will allow you to earn points that can be applied to your orders to get items for free.

Does Chipotle Have Birthday Specials

For every $1 that you spend through the Chipotle rewards program on the app, you earn 10 points. These points can then be applied to sides, drinks, or entrees if you earn enough.

Chipotle also has a daily special of $1 delivery for any orders exceeding $10. This is a steal considering how expensive getting food delivered usually is.

Chipotle also offers occasional promo codes that you can use to get deals on menu items. One promo code that it launched recently is a deal for buy one get one free plant-based chorizo entrees.

There are also codes to help you get money off of your meal or codes to get you free meals. This is why you will want to stay in the loop to get access to the best specials at Chipotle.

It is constantly creating new deals, so you will want to be on the lookout for any specials that might apply to you.

Does Chipotle Give You Anything for Your Birthday?

If it is your birthday, you can get a special from Chipotle for free in celebration. This is usually a free side of chips and guacamole with a $5 off coupon for your order.

This special is only available;e through the Chipotle rewards program, however, so you will need to join that on the app. This will also give you the ability to earn Chipotle points that can also be used on future orders to save money.

You will only have access to this birthday special, if you are a part of that rewards program. It will be sent to your account automatically as your birth date will be included in your account information.

You can get access to other specials at Chipotle as well as it frequently offers different deals to take advantage of. One great deal that is available every day is $1 delivery for orders over $10.

Chipotle also puts out all kinds of promo codes that you can use on your orders. These typically are buy one get one for free codes or codes for certain amounts of money off of your order.

Chipotle has all kinds of exciting deals that you can use to get money taken off of your orders. That is why it is worth staying in the loop, so you have access to coupons, specials, and promo codes.

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