Does Chipotle Have Ground Beef?

If you want to go out to eat at Chipotle but only like ground beef, you may wonder if Chipotle offers ground beef. This may seem like a silly question, but you never know what kinds of food a restaurant is going to serve.

If you are specifically wanting to order something, you may want to do a bit of research beforehand. The last thing you would want to do is show up at a restaurant only to find that it doesn’t have what you want.

Keep reading to find out whether or not Chipotle offers ground beef on its menu.

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Is There Ground Beef at Chipotle?

Chipotle does not serve any ground beef options, much to the disappointment of many customers. This is because it already offers several beef options and has never felt the need to add another beef option, let alone a ground one.

Some customers have also speculated that this might be because its closest competition prides itself on its ground beef. Other Mexican fast-food places like Taco Bell and Taco Time serve ground beef as the main meat option.

This could very well be part of the reason why Chipotle has decided to not sell ground beef. It has instead gone with better cuts of meat that have more texture and appeal.

This is quite the step of faith for the company as many customers go to a Mexican restaurant expecting ground beef to be a menu option. This has led to many complaints online about the lack of ground beef that many expect to find.

It has tried to make up for this with its other tasty meat options that people can try.

What Kind of Beef Does Chipotle Serve?

The closest thing that you can get to ground beef at Chipotle is the barbacoa. This is made of beef chunks that have been simmered in a Mexican sauce and shredded.

Does Chipotle Have Ground Beef

This shredded beef is incredibly moist, flavorful, and overall a pleasure to eat. It practically melts in your mouth and has the tender mouthfeel that good ground beef has.

If someone is looking for a ground beef alternative at Chipotle, they should try the barbacoa. They may even like it more than they like ground beef.

The other beef option at Chipotle is its steak. The steak is very popular at Chipotle and is often added to burrito bowls or tacos.

The steak is tender, delicious, and packed with flavor that will leave you wanting more. Overall, between these two beef options, you won’t be missing ground beef for long.

What is the Best Meat Option at Chipotle?

The barbacoa is one of the most popular meat options at Chipotle. It is a customer favorite as it is the most flavorful and is incredibly moist and practically melts in your mouth.

Next to the barbacoa, the pollo asado is also a popular option as it is just as juicy and flavorful. It is very savory and yields more of a savory flavor that the barbacoa does.

The chicken at Chipotle is also very popular, mostly because it is a cheap option and is the most mild in flavor. Chicken is generally considered to be a safe meat option that most enjoy, o it tends to sell better.

Though many Chipotle customers say that they prefer to get the steak whenever they can. It is more expensive and much richer, but many tend to prefer it over most other meat options.

It really comes down to personal taste and the kind of meat that you are looking for. You may not be able to get ground beef, but chipotle has many other options to choose from.

Does Chipotle Offer Ground Beef?

Chipotle unfortunately does not offer any ground beef in its restaurants. This is mosty due to the fact that it already offers different beef options and has never felt the need to add ground beef to the menu.

It also may not serve ground beef as that is the main protein amongst its competitors. Chipotle offers a higher class of beef options than many would expect at a fast-food restaurant.

It serves delicious meat that is cooked to perfection and sourced sustainably. Chipotle only ever supports local meat producers, and the meat is never frozen, only bought fresh for each location.

Chipotle offers barbacoa and steak as options that are great alternatives to ground beef, they may not taste or look the same exactly, but they are delicious beef options that yield that beef flavor and texture.

There are also other meat options, such as pollo asado and chicken, which are also popular options.

If you aren’t convinced about eating at Chipotle when there is no ground beef, you should try the steak. Many Chipotle customers rave about how good the steak is, and it is one of the most popular meat options.

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