Does Chipotle Have Jalapenos?

If you want to get some jalapenos with your meal for added heat, you may wonder if Chipotle serves jalapenos. This is a good question since they do not necessarily show up on the Chipotle menu to order.

Jalapenos are a very popular kind of pepper as they are spicy without being overly spicy like some peppers. They are also full of flavor and go amazingly with all kinds of food, especially Mexican food.

Keep reading to find out whether or not Chipotle serves jalapenos and if you can get them for free as a side with your meal.

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Does Chipotle Serve Jalapenos?

Chipotle serves jalapenos at all of its restaurant locations. In fact, you can ask for a free serving of jalapenos with any order. It is free of charge and a great way to add extra flavor to your Chipotle meal.

Does Chipotle Have Jalapenos to Order

Because Chipotle is a Mexican restaurant, it offers all kinds of peppers. It offers cooked peppers in its fajitas mix and all kinds of peppers in its sauces.

Many of the meat options at Chipotle have also been simmered in a sauce made of peppers for extra Mexican-inspired flavor. Even the vegetarian sofritas are cooked down in a tomato and pepper-based sauce.

Chipotle has all kinds of peppers on its menu for added flavor, smokiness, and spice. This is why all of its food is so packed full of flavor and delicious. It also helps all of its meals and sides to pair perfectly with each other.

You can ask for a small serving of sliced jalapenos with any order at Chipotle. They aren’t shown on the menu, but this is a free side that you can get for extra heat and flavor with any Chipotle meal.

Are Chipolte Peppers and Jalapenos The Same Thing?

One thing that most people do not realize is that jalapenos and chipotle peppers are the same thing. This is something that most Chipotle customers are not aware of or most people in general.

Does Chipotle Have Jalapenos

Chipotle peppers are ripened jalapeno chilis that have been smoked and dried. This creates the deep red and leathery peppers that we call chipotle peppers.

These smoked and dried jalapenos are then ground down into a powder and used in all kinds of Mexican and Mexican-inspired dishes. They add spiciness and smokiness as well as a flavor profile very different from jalapenos.

So you could say that jalapenos are unripe chipotle peppers that are chipotle peppers in the making. This is why Chipotle serves jalapenos, as it is literally named after a version of this very popular pepper.

While jalapenos are naturally bright and fresh-tasting, chipotle peppers have a depth of flavor that is smoky and rich. There are chipotle peppers in many different dishes on the Chipotle menu for added flavor.

If you want to add some jalapenos to your meal, all you have to do is ask for a serving of fresh jalapenos to be added as a side. This is always free and is a great way of introducing more spice to your meal.

Does Chipotle Have Jalapenos to Order?

You can order a side of jalapenos at Chipotle free of charge as this is a free side option. Many people have jalapenos added to their burrito or tacos for a burst of fresh flavor and heat.

Though jalapenos aren’t the spiciest pepper out there, they do pack a spicy punch when they are fresh. This is something to keep in mind as you may not want to order them if you aren’t a fan of too much heat.

This is one of many sides that you can get at Chipotle that is free of charge. Some other options that you have are beans, rice, cheese, sour cream, tortillas, and salsa.

These can all be added to your meal, or you can have extra added free of charge. This is just one of the many reasons why Chipotle is so popular, as it offers many customization options to its customers.

Ordering a side of jalapenos is a great way to get a spicier dish if you think it is lacking in the heat department. Jalapenos are ripened and smoked chipotle peppers, so Chipotle is always going to have plenty of jalapenos on hand.

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