Does Chipotle Offer Military Discount?

If you are part of the military or have been at some point, you may be wondering if Chipotle offers any military discounts. This is a good question as many restaurants have military or veterans discounts available.

This is a very common kind of discount that you may be able to find at a restaurant. Because Chipotle also offers several other kinds of discounts, it makes sense that it might also offer a military discount as well.

Keep reading to find out if Chipotle has any kind of military discount available.

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Does Chipotle Have a Military Discount?

Chipotle offers a special military discount at participating restaurant locations. This will not be available at any location, however, as some do not participate in offering this discount to anyone who is in or has been part of the military.

There are many mixed sources of information on what this discount is exactly. Some locations say that chipotle does not have a military discount, but other places say that the discount is 10% to 25% off of a Chipotle order.

Because of this mixed information, it is hard to know what kind of discount anyone who is or has been part of the military can expect. Because it is only available at participating locations, you will have to ask about it when you go out to eat.

You can either call ahead to your local Chipotle restaurant to ask if any military discount is available. Or you could go to Chipotle and ask when you go up to place your order.

Some locations may give the discount if anyone asks, while others may advertise it as being available. You will have to just ask to find out for sure as there is no way of knowing who offers the discount and who doesn’t.

Does Chipotle Have a Veterans Day Discount?

Some Chipotle locations have a special deal on Veterans Day for any active military or veterans. This is only at participating locations, so not every Chipotle offer this.

Does Chipotle Offer Military Discount

Every Chipotle that does have a Veterans Day discount may offer a slightly different discount as well. Some offer a free Chipotle meal with no extra sides or a free meal when you buy a meal.

Other places may offer a percentage off of your total order, it really just depends on the location you go to.

You can call ahead to ask if your local Chipotle offers a Veterans Day discount, or you can ask in person in the restaurant. Just make sure you have your military ID with you as proof if you can get a discount.

Without this ID, you will not be able to take advantage of any discounts that the Chipotle may offer.

Does Chipotle Give Military Discounts?

Chipotle gives military discounts in its participating locations, though these may be hard to find. You will have to ask your local Chipotle if it has this kind of discount as it is hard to know what locations participate in it.

The discount can also be quite different depending on the Chipotle restaurant that you go to. Some people have said that it is a 10% discount or a 25% discount off of your total Chipotle order.

If your Chipotle does offer this discount, you will need to show your military ID. This is important as it shows that you can have access to this military discount.

This kind of discount should apply to people who are still active in the military as well as retired veterans.

Some Chipotle locations also hold special discounts for veterans on Veterans Day. This is typically a buy one get one free kind of deal or a free meal. Though this is also in select locations, not every Chipotle will offer this deal for Veterans Day.

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