Does Chipotle Pay for Training?

If you want to start working at Chipotle, you may be wondering if it pays you during training. This is a good question as not every restaurant does this, and you want to be sure that you are going to be paid for your time.

Though it is unethical for companies to not pay new employees during their training, some do this anyway. That is why you want to be certain that you will be paid for your time.

Keep reading to find out whether or not Chipotle will pay you during training and orientation.

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Does Chipotle Pay Employees During Training?

Chipotle pays all of its new employees when they are in the process of being trained. This is something that most businesses do as you will be working, whether it is called training or normal work, meaning you should get paid.

Chipotle employees are also paid for orientation as this can sometimes take just as long as the training process. This is something that Chipotle has always done as no good business is going to have employees working without pay.

You should get the usual amount of pay for orientation and training and get paid per hour. There is no set pay rate per hour as every state is going to have a different hourly wage.

Generally, all Chipotle’s offer the minimum hourly wage or a little more depending on the state and the wages there.

It is a good idea to ask if you will get paid for training, however, as it doesn’t hurt to be sure. Every location is a bit different, and a few may try to get away without paying for training.

How Long is Training at Chipotle?

Training at Chipotle typically takes 4 hours of orientation where you are talked to by a crew member or manager. They will explain the process of working at Chipotle as well as show you training videos.

Does Chipotle Pay for Training

After the orientation is over, you will usually have three days of on-the-ground training in the Chipotle restaurant. Though this can be a different length of time depending on the location, some people have gone through a full week of training.

The first day of training, you will be shadowing a co-worker to learn the ropes. The second day, you will work alongside that same co-worker to get hands-on experience.

On the last day, you will be shadowed by a co-worker as you work alone to test what you have learned. This will also show your ability to work on your own without instruction or help.

There is a second kind of training that allows Chipotle employees to move up the ladder to a higher position within the company. This takes a total of 18 months of training along with several programs.

This kind of training prepares you to become a team leader or manager in the restaurant. This is something you can consider after you have become a regular Chipotle employee and have some experience under your belt.

Do Chipotle Employees Get Paid During Training?

Chipotle employees get paid for the time it takes to train them as well as for orientation. You will get paid your normal hourly wage during these times just like you would if you were officially working at Chipotle.

This is because you are still providing your time to Chipotle, whether you are working or being trained to start working. That is why, Chipotle makes sure that all new employees get paid for their time and effort.

Orientation typically takes about 4 hours to complete as a crew member will explain what you will be required to do when you start working. This time will also include you watching training videos to give you a good idea of how the work goes.

After orientation, you will start three days of training with a fellow co-worker. Who will help to show you the ropes. You will shadow them, work with them, and be shadowed by them during these three days.

This will be enough training to show you what you are supposed to do so that you can work alone if necessary. After training is over, you will be expected to be able to start working as an independent employee.

Other co-workers are there if you need help, but you will be expected to be able to work mostly on your own.

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