Does Domino’s Take Apple Pay?

If you are craving pizza and want to order Domino’s, you may be wondering if Domino’s will accept Apple pay. This is a good thing to check up on as not every restaurant is going to take Apple pay.

There are still many restaurants that don’t accept Apple pay, despite the fact that it is a popular payment option. This would require restaurants to update their payment system, something that many would rather put off having to do.

Keep reading to find out whether or not you can pay with Apple pay at Domino’s.

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Will Domino’s Accept Apple Pay?

Domino’s now accepts Apple pay so that customers have a more convenient way to order their pizza. This is a relatively new adjustment to Domino’s payment options as it has made a step towards offering digital payment methods for its customers.

Domino’s has typically stuck to the same old payment options that it has always offered only recently trying out a new method. Apple pay is a very popular form of digital payment option, so it makes sense that Domino’s would try it out.

Domino’s had to update its payment system to accept this option, which is part of why it waited so long to add it. Now all Domino’s locations will accept Apple pay on the website and in the restaurant.

This gives Domino’s customers the freedom to order the way that they want to, p[aying straight from their phone. Apple pay is a digital wallet, so you can add your credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, reward cards, and more to it.

This makes paying for pizza easier than ever as you don’t even need to have your wallet on you./ you can now use your digital wallet with just an Apple pay account and your phone.

What Payment Options Does Domino’s Accept?

Domino’s still offers a fairly limited list of payment options, even though it has added Apple pay to that list. Though most customers have no issue finding a payment option that is suitable for them to use.

Does Domino’s Take Apple Pay

At Domino’s, you can pay with credit or debit cards as well as Domino’s gift cards and gift vouchers. Some locations will allow you to pay with cash, so you will have to ask about this payment option and if it is allowed.

These options are available when you order pizza online as well as in any Domino’s restaurant. Credit and debit cards are preferred, but you can use any of the options listed above.

While Domino’s used to accept Paypal as a payment option as well, it no longer lists this as being available. Though you could ask when you go to order a pizza if that location will take a Paypal payment.

Can I Use Apple Pay to Order Food Online?

Though many places do accept Apple pay, many still don’t offer this easy payment option. That includes restaurants and fast-food restaurants that have an online presence.

Many restaurants allow customers to order off of their online website as well as a specialized app for that restaurant. You might automatically assume that ordering online would allow you to pay with Apple pay.

Though many restaurants do allow this, there are some that still don’t offer Apple pay online or in the app. This is because it has yet to update its payment system, making Apple pay not one of the available options.

Some restaurants may offer Apple pay in the restaurant but not on the online website or the app. While some may offer it online but not in the restaurant, it just depends.

This is why it is a good idea to do your research on a restaurant before ordering from it or driving over there. That or you should have a backup payment option at the ready that you can use.

Can I Use Apple Pay at Domino’s?

You can use Apple pay for your Domino’s order if you are craving a pizza and a convenient payment option. This is a pretty new addition to its payment selection, making Apple pay its first digital wallet option.

Apple pay is a preferred payment option as it is extremely convenient and easy for customers to use. All it requires is an Apple pay account and your phone to complete the transaction.

This also works as a touchless payment option, allowing the customer to pay for their own order on their terms.

Aside from Apple pay, Domino’s accepts most credit and debit cards as well as Domino’s gift cards and gift vouchers. Some locations may also accept cash, though it does not say, so you may have to ask about this option.

You can use Apple pay, gift cards, gift vouchers, and credit or debit cards to order your pizza online as well. This provides a fast and easy solution for anyone who wants to use their digital wallet.

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