Does Hobby Lobby Take Apple Pay?

If you need to drop by Hobby Lobby to pick up some crafts or decor, you may need to know if it will accept Apple pay. Apple pay is a very popular digital payment method, and many stores offer it now.

That being said, not every store takes Apple pay, so it can be worthwhile to do your research beforehand. You always want to go with a payment backup plan in case Apple pay isn’t accepted at that particular store.

Keep reading to find out whether or not Hobby Lobby will take Apple pay.

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Does Hobby Lobby Accept Apple Pay?

Some Hobby Lobby locations do accept Apple pay if they have terminals for tap pay. These locations take Apple pay, but it has yet to be fully installed into all Hobby Lobby stores, so it is hit or miss when going to one.

Hobby Lobby does not state anywhere that it accepts Apple pay because it technically doesn’t. You can only pay with Apple pay if the location has a tap pay terminal.

This is a hack that will allow you to pay with Apple pay even though Hobby Lobby doesn’t technically accept this payment option.

Hobby Lobby is just one of many stores to still not accept Apple pay as it would require it to update its payment system. This takes time and money, which is why places like Hobby Lobby may avoid having to make this change.

It is unfortunate, especially considering the demand for Apple pay in Hobby Lobby stores, as customers want that option. It is very popular, and many people simply expect to have access to it.

Hobby Lobby has received some complaints because of this since it seems very stubborn on this matter. It has yet to embrace many digital payment options, leaving customers to hope that it will change this in the future.

Does Hobby Lobby Take Google Pay?

As of right now, Hobby Lobby does not accept Google pay either. In fact, it does not accept any common digital payment methods, such as Apple pay, Samsung pay, Paypal, or Google pay.

Does Hobby Lobby Take Apple Pay

Hobby Lobby has yet to update its payment system to include these convenient options. It is old school when it comes to the payment methods that customers have to choose from.

This is very limiting to customers as you cannot simply use your phone to pay for your items. Though some Hobby Lobby locations have tap pay terminals, this isn’t the case everywhere.

This is still a luxury at Hobby Lobby stores, leaving you with the basic payment options that it accepts.

Does Hobby Lobby Take Cash?

Hobby Lobby does accept cash as payment in its stores, this is an easy option that it actually encourages. Hobby Lobby also takes checks, which is rare for stores to do.

Many stores avoid accepting checks as they can be risky to trust. A check can easily bounce and not be worth anything, leaving the customer to get their items for free.

Along with cash and checks, Hobby Lobby accepts Visa, American Express, Mastercards, and Hobby Lobby Gift cards. These are all options that you can use when ordering off of the Hobby Lobby website.

Keep in mind that Hobby Lobby also does not accept Apple pay on its online website. This is surprising to many customers, but it still isn’t allowed here.

Many customers have recommended that other customers send Hobby Lobby emails asking for it to add Apple pay to its system. If it gets enough emails, this may be enough to encourage it to add more digital payment options.

Can I Pay With Apple Pay at Hobby Lobby?

You cannot pay with Apple pay at Hobby Lobby unless it has a tap-to-pay terminal. This is a hack that will allow you to pay through Apple pay even though Hobby Lobby doesn’t necessarily accept this option.

Like many other stores, Hobby Lobby is still not on the Apple pay bandwagon yet. It also doesn’t offer other very popular digital payment options, such as Google pay and Paypal.

This is something that Hobby Lobby customers have regularly complained about as more businesses are going digital. Customers simply expect to see digital payment options, especially ones that are so popular.

It is also so much more convenient to use digital payment methods, which is just part of the reason why they are so popular. Many customers prefer the ease of being able to pay for their purchases straight from their phone.

Though Hobby Lobby doesn’t accept Apple pay, it does take other options such as cash and personal checks. It will also accept most credit cards as well as any Hobby Lobby gift cards.

Credit cards and gift cards can be used to buy things off of the Hobby Lobby website. Though Apple pay is not an option on the online store either.

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