Does DoorDash Guarantee $10 an Hour

Does DoorDash Guarantee $10 an Hour

If you are looking into becoming a DoorDash driver, you probably want to know how much you can earn. Or if DoorDash will set a guaranteed payment rate per hour.

DoorDash is considered to be one of the best food delivery companies in terms of pay. But how much can you really earn per hour? Do they guarantee that you will make at least $10 an hour working for them?

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Does DoorDash Guarantee a Minimum of $10 an Hour?

DoorDash does have a guaranteed amount of earnings that you should get per order. This does not include an hourly wage, rather per order.

If you do not meet the minimum guaranteed pay, DoorDash will top off the amount so that you get what you were promised.

This is part of why DoorDash is considered to be one of the most profitable food delivery jobs out there. As they will make up the difference if you do not hit your payment threshold.

DoorDash may also guarantee certain earnings per hour if you are Dashing in a specific location or doing a DoorDash challenge. But on a day-to-day basis, DoorDash doesn’t have a minimum hourly earning set.

Because DoorDash pays on an order to order basis, they do not offer guaranteed earnings per hour. This will only apply to orders with a set earning amount.

What are Guaranteed Earnings on DoorDash?

DoorDash does have a system in place on its site that is there to benefit its drivers. This is called guaranteed earnings and is very self-explanatory for the most part.

This guaranteed earnings is DoorDash’s way of making sure that all of its drivers get paid fairly.

One example of this is if you completed enough orders in a week to have earned $300, but you only made $275. If this is the case, DoorDash will top off your weekly pay with an additional $25 to help you meet the guaranteed payment.

There are many reasons why you may not make the guaranteed wage per week. Between slower orders, delays, and low tips.

This is why it is so beneficial for drivers that DoorDash offers a guaranteed wage. The downside to this is not all Dashers have access to it.

Certain locations do not provide this benefit, so some Dashers will not get to have guaranteed earnings. This is unfortunate, and hopefully, DoorDash will soon change it to include all Dashers.

How Much Can You Make Per Hour On DoorDash?

How much you make per hour on DoorDash can fluctuate quite dramatically day to day. This is because DoorDash incomes are unstable and are constantly changing.

Top DoorDash earners have reported making as much as $24 an hour, which is well above minimum wage in the US. While the average DoorDasher can make as much as $18 an hour.

All things considered, this is a very good hourly wage even if you fall into the average category. Especially since you have the freedom to work as many hours as you like.

About 25% of Dashers report making only $13 an hour, but this is still hitting that US minimum wage mark. It isn’t much, but it is still an income that allows you to have plenty of flexibility.

You can also try to earn more per hour by taking orders that are closer to you and require less time. As well as take orders that have tips of $8 or higher.

To make more money per hour on DoorDash, you have to get smart about the kinds of orders that you take. The more orders you take per hour, the more you will be making.

You can also try focusing on DoorDash hotspots or Dashing in neighboring towns and cities. These options will give you more access to larger quantities of orders.

Does DoorDash Promise That Drivers Will Make $10 an Hour?

DoorDash does not have a guaranteed wage per hour, in fact, it doesn’t pay by the hour at all. DoorDash pays per order, and each order has a set earning amount.

With guaranteed earnings, DoorDash will top off your weekly payment if you have not earned what they have promised. So, if you do an order that has a guaranteed payment of $10 and you only make $9, they will top off your pay.

This is great for drivers as they can depend on getting a set amount per week even if they do not earn that amount themselves. So, if they earn $300 when the guaranteed amount was $350, DoorDash will add an extra $50.

Unfortunately, this guaranteed earnings system does not apply to all Dashers. Certain locations do not qualify for this perk, which means that many Dashers have no guaranteed earnings amount.

Ho[pefully, DoorDash will change this policy to include all of its Dashers. So that all DoorDash deliverers can benefit from guaranteed earnings.

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