Does DoorDash Pay For Tolls?

Does DoorDash Pay For Tolls?

Remember that a gig worker is an independent contractor and they are expected to cover any expense they incur while driving for DoorDash and making deliveries.

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Will DoorDash Pay My Tolls?

No, DoorDash will not pay for tolls, parking fees or parking tickets. These are the responsibility of the DoorDash driver. The driver is the only one who will be made to pay for tolls. DoorDash doesn’t cover these kinds of things for their gig workers.

Why Won’t DoorDash Pay?

DoorDash will not pay for tolls because they do not feel it is their responsibility to do so. A gig worker is just that and not an employee and therefore they do not receive the same privileges and benefits as a regular DoorDash employee.

With that being said, this is not to say that DoorDash covers tolls for their employees either because they most likely don’t.

However, DoorDash drivers are responsible for any expenses they incur while driving for DoorDash such as gas, parking fees, parking tickets, and tolls. Although, they do provide discounts on gas.

Understand that it would be nearly impossible for DoorDash to cover the tolls of all of their gig workers. This would be a very expensive thing to do and they aren’t willing to spend that kind of cash.

Another reason DoorDash won’t pay tolls is because people will find a way to take advantage of this perk like they do with everything else. There would be something that would go wrong and could possibly cost DoorDash a lot of money.

DoorDash won’t pay for tolls because they don’t feel obligated to do so. Tolls are something that you have to pay regardless of who you are.

How to Get DoorDash to Cover Tolls?

There is absolutely no way to get DoorDash to cover tolls. They make it clear that tolls are an expense that their gig workers have to cover on their own. You could even go as far as trying to sue them and they still aren’t going to pay, more than likely.

Hopefully, it doesn’t have to go that far. You’ll just have to understand that DoorDash refuses to cover tolls and therefore you can’t make them do so. There is no law that says they have to cover tolls so they don’t and they won’t.

It’s a really good thing that tolls actually aren’t that high. But these tolls can add up if you work for DoorDash a lot and make a lot of orders.

What To Do Since DoorDash Won’t Pay?

The best thing you can do since DoorDash won’t pay for tolls is to save up for this expense. When you do a lot of orders a day you are likely going to make enough money to pay for tolls. Yes, you have bills to pay but tolls are a recurring expense that you have to plan for.

Try to put back some money from what you make each work day and set it aside as money for tolls. This way you will always have money to fall back on when tolls are due. You likely live in a big area and never know exactly when you are going to be expected to pay a toll.

If you accept enough orders you may have to pay a toll several times throughout the day. That’s why you have to be prepared when accepting certain orders in certain areas. If you know you are going to have to go somewhere that a toll is, but you don’t have enough money for tolls, I would decline that order.

Allow someone else who is better prepared to pay for tolls accept certain orders. You don’t want to be making a blank trip and can’t even get to your destination because you couldn’t pay the tolls. Remember this expense before you start to spend your tip and delivery money.

Does DoorDash Reimburse Tolls?

DoorDash does not and will not reimburse their drivers for tolls. This is an expense that the driver is responsible for covering. There is no way to put this on DoorDash and they will tell you that you are the one who has to pay tolls when they are due.

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