Does DoorDash Steal Tips?

Does DoorDash Steal Tips?

That’s a good question that many people would like to know. There are some rumors in the street that need clearing up about whether or not DoorDash steals tips.

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Do DoorDash Take Tips?

No, DoorDash no longer takes tips but at one point in time, not that long ago, DoorDash was taking the tips that were intended for the drivers. They were pocketing the tip money instead of giving it to the DoorDash drivers.

If you work for DoorDash it may not come as a surprise to you that DoorDash was going around taking tips and keeping them for themselves.

Why Was DoorDash Sued?

DoorDash fell into a lawsuit over their deceptive tipping model. The customer would leave a tip when paying for their order on DoorDash in an effort to pay the drivers for their time and coming out to deliver their food. However, DoorDash was pocketing the money themselves and wasn’t giving the drivers any of that profit.

Someone or rather a lot of people caught  wind of this, both drivers and customers and became upset over it. They begin to complain and make a big fuss over the whole ordeal. Eventually, someone went as far as to file a lawsuit against DoorDash.

It seems that DoorDash was taking the tip money and actually applying it to the drivers base pay and guaranteed earnings rather than adding it to the overall check. This caused people to become outraged with DoorDash.

Why Did DoorDash Pay to Settle a Lawsuit?

Of course, DoorDash denied the allegations that they were stealing driver’s tips but then they chose to settle out of court. DoorDash paid 2.5 million dollars in a settlement and this is because they were stealing driver’s tips and knew that more than likely they would lose the case.

This is usually how it goes. When someone is being sued and they know they are likely going to lose the case, they try to settle out of court to save face and some money. While DoorDash still had to pay up, it could have been worse. They probably could have risked being shut down for unethical behavior.

They really got off easy with just having to pay $2.5 million to settle the lawsuit. The ironic thing is that they were stealing driver’s tips so they may have actually used the tip money to help pay the lawsuit. That’s very possible in this day and time.

Personally, if I’m not guilty of something that I’m being accused of I would want to go to court to prove my innocence. Settling out of court seems like the best thing for DoorDash to do because there was too much evidence pointing towards them being guilty. The complaints about how they pay their drivers and drivers not receiving tips didn’t just start out of nowhere.These complaints had been going on for a long time before the lawsuit was actually filed. Everyone is not making things up on DoorDash.

Will DoorDash Take My Tips?

No, DoorDash will not take your tips as a dasher. It can be said that they have learned their lesson and hopefully have completely done away with that deceptive tipping model. Now, everyone should be being paid the right way and receiving their tips as they should be.

When you make deliveries any tips the customer leaves is yours, not DoorDash. Therefore, DoorDash should add these tips to your overall check when they pay you. DoorDash should not use those tips to replace some of your other payments.

What to Do If DoorDash Takes My Tips?

DoorDash should not take your tips without reimbursing them on your next check. If you find a discrepancy in your check and it appears that your tips have not been added in then you should call DoorDash right away.

Ask for an explanation as to why your tips are not on your check. I’m not trying to encourage you to threaten anyone but DoorDash does not want another lawsuit. Therefore, if they try to give you the runaround, politely let them know that if the situation isn’t fixed you will be talking to your lawyer and will have your lawyer call them.

Be nice about it but be firm when talking to DoorDash. If they were bold enough to steal tips in the first place then there is no telling what else they are capable of. Check your money amount to make sure you are given the right amount.

Do DoorDash Keep Tips?

DoorDash no longer keeps tips that customers pay to the drivers that deliver their food. They did do this before they were sued and accused of stealing drivers tips. They settled out of court meaning that they probably were guilty of stealing the tips according to thousands of complaints.

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6 thoughts on “Does DoorDash Steal Tips?”

  1. Anyone else having problems with not getting all your tips from Doordash when delivering to Walmart? 02/04/22.
    Some say the app doesn’t allow tips, and that you have to call Walmart to add the tip (which no one will do since it’s a huge hassle and wastes time). Others say that it does allow you to tip. Any thoughts?

    • I’ve heard Walmart and restaurants too can/will keep your tips if the order is made through the their app and then outsourced to Doordash. I do Doordash and Walmart is infamous for making people wait. I always had to wait at least 15 minutes and one time I got a double and waited 40 minutes for the second one before I gave up and unassigned the order. Never took another Walmart order, and I know I’m not alone because Dashers get together online to complain about EVERYTHING.

  2. yea they took a $10 tip from me the deal was the customer changed my tip from 0 to 10 after I did a good job delivering this was after i completed the dash order it was for walmart DD first said it will show up after i end my dash then they said a few hours now saying after midnight now there saying within 30days

  3. Definitely stealing tips in 2022 March. Sometimes when your gut feeling tells you something you need to believe it therefore you got to do what you got to do to check on things no matter the cost because if you can’t trust the people that you’re working for and they are stealing from you then definitely need to sue them as I intend to do.

  4. they still do .any base pay i ask they say they tip 5-10$ other drivers said the same.they steal a lot 12 billion last i saw on line

  5. They definitely still steal our tips. I have proof. Receipts and screenshots. The chair members all belong in jail. Company of crooked ass crooks.

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