Does GameStop Buy Broken Consoles?

If you have a broken console, you may be able to repair it. But maybe you don’t want to, and you’d rather get rid of it.

Before you toss it in the trash, you should consider if GameStop will buy the console. Then, you can make a little money while clearing out your old gaming gear.

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GameStop Buying Old Consoles

GameStop will buy old broken consoles, but there are some requirements. The store won’t buy consoles with fire damage, no clear serial number, or frayed cords. You also can’t sell consoles that won’t turn on or that are damaged beyond repair.

If you aren’t sure if GameStop will purchase your console, it’s worth asking them. The store can evaluate the condition of the console, and you might get some store credit for your trade-in.

Damage GameStop Won’t Accept

While GameStop will buy old and broken consoles, they won’t buy just any console. For one, the item still needs to have the serial number visible. The system also needs to have a US region code.

GameStop won’t accept consoles with fire damage, bug infestations, severe cosmetic damage, or systems without power. You also can’t sell any systems that you’ve modified or consoles with frayed wires.

If you’re selling a PlayStation Vita, the screen can’t have severe cracks or scratches.

Value of Your Trade-In

Broken Console

If GameStop does buy your trade-in, you can expect to get about $20 to more than $200. The exact amount depends on the condition, size, and age of the console.

However, GameStop PowerUp Rewards Pro members can get about 10% more. If you use GameStop a lot, it makes sense to pay the $20 fee. You may make that back after a few trade-ins.

How to Trade-In Your Console

If you think GameStop will buy your console, you should consider how to make that happen. Here are the steps to trading in a game or system.

Get an Estimate

First, you’ll want to get an estimate from the GameStop website. You can look for the console you want to sell.

It will give you a few dollar amounts, so you can learn how much you can expect to get. The numbers will cover regular and pro amounts as well as cash and store credit values.

Remove Personal Information

When you’re ready to take your console in, you should wipe it of your personal information. Make sure to log out of any accounts you’ve connected to it.

Then, you won’t risk the store or the next buyer getting access to that information.

Go to the Store

Once you get your estimate, you’ll want to go to GameStop that day. The estimate will expire when the store closes, so you’ll need another estimate if you can’t make it to the store in time.

Will GameStop Buy Broken Game Consoles

Values can change each day based on the stock that GameStop gets. So make sure you’re ready to trade in your device before you get a quote.

Bring Chargers and Accessories

When you bring your console, you’ll want to also bring any cables and accessories. A console may not have many accessories, but you should bring any controllers that came with it.

That will help you get the highest possible trade-in value. GameStop may accept a console without accessories, but they most likely will pay less for it.

Even if you do bring everything, the manager can still refuse to accept the trade-in. They’ll test the device when you’re at the store. So don’t do the trade-in when you’re in a hurry. Assuming the device still works, you can get your payment.

Choose Your Payment

When you sell a console to GameStop, you can collect cash or store credit. Whether you’re a Pro member or not, the store credit amount will be higher than the cash value.

This can be a great option if you want to buy a new console or some games. However, if you want more flexibility, cash is still good.

Go Get The Money

GameStop will buy certain broken consoles. The system still has to turn on, and whatever damage it’s incurred should be easy to repair. If you aren’t sure if your console qualifies, take it to a store to be sure. You might just get a good amount of money back.

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