Are Pre-Owned Games From GameStop Good?

New games can be fun to play, but the cost adds up fast. If you want to play a lot of video games, you may look at pre-owned options.

GameStop is an excellent place to buy used games. But should you buy them?

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How Good Are Pre-Owned Games From GameStop?

Pre-owned games from GameStop are generally pretty good. You can go to a GameStop store and pick out a game that you can start playing that day. Pre-owned games also tend to be cheaper, and they come with a seven-day return policy if you don’t like them.

Of course, buying a used game anywhere means you don’t get pre-order bonuses. You may also feel like you’re playing catch-up since you started the game later.

Why Buy Pre-Owned Games

Buying pre-owned games can be an excellent option for many people. Whether you’re new to playing video games or have done so for years, new games aren’t your only option.

Before you buy your next game, consider a pre-owned copy. Then, you can enjoy the following benefits.

Save Money

Are Pre-Owned Games From GameStop Good

If you have a small personal budget, you can get more games for your money. Pre-owned games almost always cost less than the same version when it’s new. That means you don’t have to spend as much on a single copy.

Or you can spend a bit more, but you can get two games. If you’re looking to build your collection, you might save hundreds of dollars overall.

Save Time

When looking for a new game, you might have to shop around to find it. Buying pre-owned games from GameStop can keep you from having to do that. You can search for the available games in your local store.

Ask if they have any used copies of what you want. Of course, you may not always find the game you want, but you might discover a similar game to enjoy.

Play Older Consoles

If you have or want to buy an older console, pre-owned games may be your only option. Finding older games can be almost impossible, and there might not be many new copies out there.

Even if there are new copies, the sellers may raise the price. They know that a new game is worth a lot when the company stops making it. But buying a pre-owned game lets you enjoy your older console without having to spend a ton of cash.

High Standards

At least when it comes to buying used games from GameStop, you know you’ll get something of good quality. The store has high standards for the games they accept. They’ll refurbish the games so that they’re in like-new condition.

When you buy used games from individuals, they don’t have any reason to refurbish what they’re selling. They might want to get rid of old games, so you may need to do more work to fix up the game yourself.

Vast Selection

While your local store may not have every game, the GameStop network might have dozens or hundreds of pre-owned games available. You can ask your store to order a game for you, or you can order the game online.

Including pre-owned games in your search will open your options significantly. Then, you can get the game you want. You won’t have to settle for something or worry about waiting forever for the game to come in stock.

Downsides of Used Games

Does GameStop Have Good Pre-Owned Games

Of course, there are a couple of drawbacks of pre-owned games. For one, you can’t get any pre-order bonuses that the original owner did. You also will be behind other players who may have had the game for months before you.

Another potential con is the fact that games may gain or lose popularity. If you buy a used game after it’s been popular, it may not be as common when you get good at it. And if you aren’t careful, you may buy a game that doesn’t work well, especially if you don’t go through GameStop.

Does GameStop Have Good Pre-Owned Games?

GameStop sells a variety of pre-owned games, but the stock can change often. Still, there are tons of games available at a given time. You can save money and get games for older consoles so that you can enjoy the games you want to play.

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