Does GameStop Repair Discs?

Taking your old video games or discs, you don’t play into GameStop can be an excellent way to earn a few bucks. Some people are wondering whether or not GameStop will repair and clean their discs.

So, will GameStop repair your favorite video game? Do they even test discs before they accept them? Here’s what you need to know.

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Does GameStop Clean Discs?

Unfortunately, GameStop does not clean or repair broken and scratched discs. This means you’ll have to find somewhere else to repair your disc. If your disc is too scratched, GameStop may or may not accept it for trade-in value, depending on several factors.

Does GameStop Accept Scratched Discs?

Depending on various factors, your local GameStop may or may not accept scratched discs. Whether or not your disc is accepted will depend on the quality, location, and employee. If your disc is obviously too scratched, they’re unlikely to accept it.

However, they might accept discs with minor scratches and send them for refurbishing. If they decide your disc needs to be refurbished, they’ll take out a tiny fee from your trade-in value.

Does GameStop Test Discs?

Typically, GameStop will not test discs before accepting them for trade-in. However, this might vary on the location, store, employee, and disc. Generally speaking, a GameStop employee will check your disc case, included pamphlets, and inspect the disc for scratches.

Does GameStop Repair Discs

Does GameStop Accept Discs Without a Case?

Yes, GameStop will accept video games without their original case. This means you can bring a game disc into GameStop in a ziplock bag for resale, as long as it’s not too scratched and in working order.

However, GameStop employees will prefer it if you bring a game disc in the original case you can.

Will I Receive Less Value for Games Without a Case?

In most cases, you shouldn’t receive less trade-in value for video games without a case. However, this might vary depending on the video game title, location, store, employee, and circumstance.

For example, you might receive more if you had a limited edition video game with a unique case or accessory. Another example could be older titles that are more difficult to come by. Again, your mileage will vary depending on the circumstance.

What is GameStop Refurbishment?

GameStop might accept consoles, video games, or electronic devices that aren’t working properly. These items might be accepted for trade-in value at a reduced cost. Items that might fall under refurbishment include controllers with sticking buttons, scratched discs, etc.

These items will then be sent to the GameStop refurbishment center in Grapevine, Texas. An employee at the refurbishment center will inspect the device or disc, run it through a series of tests, and give it a deep clean.

If that doesn’t resolve the issue, another employee might replace wires, screws, or other electrical components to get the device in working condition. From there, the device or disc is shipped back out to GameStop locations to be put up for sale.

What’s the Difference Between Refurbished and Pre-Owned?

You’ll find two types of resold items at GameStop, including refurbished and pre-owned.

Refurbished products are items that were sent to the refurbishment center, repaired, and reshipped for retail. These products had defects when GameStop accepted them and are now in working order.

Pre-owned products are items GameStop accepted that had no apparent faults or malfunctions. These items are typically wiped down and cleaned by a GameStop employee before being placed on a shelf for sale.

What’s the GameStop Refurbishment Fee?

When GameStop accepts a console, electronic device, or video game disc that needs repairs, they’ll take out a refurbishment fee from the total trade-in value. Items that need to be refurbished might include controllers with sticking buttons, consoles with broken disc drives, scratched discs, etc.

The refurbishment fee will vary depending on the item, the resale value, and the quality. For example, a video game rated at a few dollars might have a refurb fee of $0.50. On the other hand, a disc rated at $30 might have a fee of closer to $5.

The only way to determine the refurbishment fee is to bring in your console, electronic device, or disc into GameStop and ask.

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Will GameStop Repair or Clean Discs?

GameStop will not repair, resurface, or clean any discs on site. If a disc requires repair, they’ll send it over to the official refurbishment center in Grapevine, Texas. You’ll also receive a refurbishment fee on your traded-in disc, which will impact the total trade-in value.

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