Does GameStop Test Consoles?

GameStop has been around since 1984 and has offered customers a way to trade in their used video games, consoles, and electronic devices for an in-store credit or cashback.

You might be wondering if GameStop will test your console and what they might look for before you bring it in for trade-in value. Here’s what you need to know about the GameStop console testing process.

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Will GameStop Test My Console?

Yes, GameStop will test your console if you bring it in for trade-in. GameStop tests every used console, video game, device, and accessory before making a trade-in offer. The testing process includes inspecting physical components, testing controllers, and testing the software.

How Does GameStop Test Consoles?

GameStop tests each and every console before they make a trade-in offer and accept it. Each employee is trained to do this and will suffer consequences if they fail to do so.

Most stores have strict policies to ensure they aren’t accepting faulty systems, dirty devices, jail-broken consoles, or giving someone’s sensitive information away. Here are the GameStop console testing steps in more detail.

Are All the Components Available?

The first step is to determine whether the customer has all the parts for their device. This includes power cords, controllers, doors, latches, etc. If the answer is yes, the GameStop employee will move on to the next step.

Does GameStop Test Consoles

If the customer doesn’t have all the necessary parts, the employee will figure out what’s missing and if it makes sense to take the trade anyway. It’s important to note that all consoles require an on-brand controller, such as a Sony DualShock 4 for the PS4.

Inspect the Physical Components

From there, the GameStop employee will inspect the physical components of your console. They’ll check the system, controller, wires, cords, etc. They’ll make sure there aren’t any exposed wires or that the controllers have buttons in good shape.

Remove Accounts and Reformat if Necessary

If any components are damaged, they’ll take the cost of the new components from the total trade-in value. If any parts can’t be replaced, they’ll apply a refurbish fee and send the console to the warehouse for repairs.

They’ll also check behind any ports and remove covers to check for pests. If there are bugs or pests, they’ll politely refuse the device without making a big deal of the situation. If a console doesn’t have any bugs but is too dirty, it might also receive a refurbishing fee.

Test the Controller

Most GameStop stores have a controller testing program they use to test controllers. They’ll hook your controller up and make sure the buttons, vibrations, and joysticks are working correctly. Currently, GameStop might only be able to inspect Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PS4 controllers on their testing programs. You’ll receive a refurbish fee If the controller doesn’t pass the test.

Keep in mind that some employees and customers have run into errors with the GameStop controller testing software.

Boot Up the Console and Test

From there, the GameStop employee will boot up your system and test to see if it works. They’ll make sure it can connect to WiFi, reads a CD, and that all the ports and wires are working correctly. They’ll inspect the hard drive size and receive a quote through their internal system. The GameStop employee will offer you a price before removing any accounts or formatting the system.

Remove Accounts and Reformat if Necessary

The GameStop team member will ask for your permission to remove any accounts, deactivate accounts, and format the console. Some employees ask that you don’t do these steps before you come in, as they’ll have to go back over your work anyways. If the format goes through, the employee will finalize the trade, and you’ll receive your desired currency.

Wrapping Everything Up

After the trade has been finalized, the GameStop employee will wrap everything up. They’ll wrap all the cords with rubber bands after cleaning them. They’ll clean the controller and blow out the device. The employee will box it up or put it on display for the next available customer.

Don’t hesitate to call your local GameStop If you purchased a used console that is in bad condition. If there are active accounts or the device is dirty, ensure you call within the return time window.

Does GameStop Test Console Trade-Ins?

GameStop tests each and every console trade-in before offering a price or accepting the device. Each employee is trained to inspect the physical components, test the controller using specific software, test the software, and remove any accounts. You might not be eligible for trade-in or suffer refurbishing fees If your console is missing components or it’s damaged.

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