Does Gamestop Ship From Store to Home?

If you are placing an order through Gamestop, you may be wondering where your packages come from. Where the Gamestop items are and how they get to you so quickly.

It is no secret that orders delivered straight from the store often arrive faster and in better shape. This is why you may want to know about this detail in how Gamestop ships packages.

Keep reading to find out whether or not Gamestop ships directly from the store to your address.

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Does Gamestop Ship From The Store to Your Home?

Gamestop has a relatively new system in place that allows it to ship directly from a Gamestop store to your home. This removes the need for a warehouse and makes the shipping process faster and easier for customers when ordering online.

This also allows you to get same-day shipping for less money in many instances. Much cheaper than having to pay for one-day delivery.

It used to ship directly from a warehouse that stored all Gamestop items, but now it can do it the easy way. Now you can get an item shipped from the closest Gamestop store right to your home.

Even if you are just a few hours away, the nearest Gamestop store can send you your order via mail. It eliminates any need to pick it up yourself and gets out to you in record time.

Wait times would be much higher if Gamestop still primarily shipped from its warehouses. Though it still occasionally does this, now you have the option to get your package right from the store.

How Long Does Gamestop Shipping Take?

Does Gamestop Ship From Store to Home

You can get your Gamestop packages exceptionally fast, depending on the shipping option that you choose. The common options are priority shipping, standard shipping, and two or one-day shipping.

These all give you different time periods that you will have to wait to receive your package. Standard takes 3 to 4 days, priority takes around the same time, and one and two-day shipping are just that, one to two days.

Just keep in mind that the option you choose will cost differently. The faster you want your package delivered, the more expensive the delivery fee will be.

These times also do not include the processing time for Gamestop orders that need to be shipped. So you will still have to wait for a one to two-day processing period before the package is shipped to you.

Does Gamestop Ship Directly From the Store to You?

Gamestop now has a system that allows it to ship directly from one of its store locations to your address. This is most commonly done by a store that is closest to you and happens to have what you ordered in stock.

This helps to lower shipping times and gets your order delivered to you in record time. It also ensures that your items are in the best possible condition since they haven’t been sitting in a warehouse.

This is a great option as it helps customers to be more satisfied while taking some pressure off of Gamestop’s warehouses.

If you are in a hurry to get a Gamestop item, this is a great option for getting it to your door quickly and safely.

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