Does Gamestop Take Apple Pay?

If you want to buy something from GameStop, you may be wondering if it will accept a payment from Apple pay. This is an important detail to know before you commit to shopping at GameStop as many stores don’t allow Apple pay.

Apple pay has only continued to grow in popularity and is now one of the most popular digital payment methods. Despite that, many businesses still don’t take Apple pay as it would require them to update their payment system for customers.

Keep reading to find out if GameStop will take Apple pay online or in its stores.

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Will GameStop Accept Apple Pay?

GameStop used to accept Apple pay, though it seems like it changed its payment policy very recently. As of right now, GameStop does not accept Apple pay as an option in its stores or on its online store for GameStop shoppers.

This is truly a shame as many customers prefer to use Apple pay, and it makes shopping easier. It is a great option to have and many companies are starting to catch onto that.

It seems strange that GameStop would be removing Apple pay from its list of options as other companies are just starting to add it. Though we may never know the reason as it gives no explanation.

This is unfortunate for GameStop customers who preferred to use Apple pay to shop. It had a lot of benefits to it and allowed for easier and faster checking out, whether you were in a store or shopping online.

Apple pay is also a great option as it allows you to connect all kinds of payment options through it. If a store took Apple pay but not Visa, you could link your Visa card through Apple pay to pay for your purchase.

This is a great option as it allows customers to pay with the option that they prefer the most through Apple pay.

Does GameStop Take Google Pay?

Like Apple pay, GameStop does not accept Google pay either. This is unfortunate as Google pay is another popular digital payment option.

Does Gamestop Take Apple Pay

Google pay is also easy to set up and allows you to connect your preferred payment method through it. This gives customers far more options and allows businesses to reach a broader scope of customers.

Since GameStop does not accept google pay, this significantly limits the number of ways its customers can pay. With so many customers expecting to see more digital payment options available, this has the possibility of hurting a company.

Does GameStop Take Paypal?

GameStop does accept Paypal, which is good news for all GameStop customers. This is one digital payment option that GameStop does accept and allow customers to use.

Paypal is the next best thing to Apple pay and Google pay as it allows you to connect other payment options through it. This way, you can pay with any card and many other payment options straight through Paypal.

All you need is a Paypal account and a payment option to connect to your account. Then you can pay with Paypal either in the GameStop store or online when placing your order.

This is a great option and makes paying either in person or online exceptionally easy. All you need is your phone, a Paypal account, and a payment option to connect through Paypal.

GameStop also accepts most major credit cards, which provides a list of other options that are very handy. Most customers will have access to at least one kind of credit card or have a Paypal account that they can use.

GameStop also takes cash if you are in the store buying your items. You will also have the option of being paid in cash, if you are trading in an item with GameStop.

Can I Pay With Apple Pay at GameStop?

GameStop does not accept Apple pay even though this is an option that is used to offer. Somewhere along the line, GameStop decided to no longer offer Apple pay as an option to its customers.

No one knows why it decided to do this, but it is bad news for some GameStop customers. Apple pay is a popular choice for payment, and many may find this news to be disappointing.

The good news is that GameStop does accept Paypal, giving you at least one digital payment option. If you can’t use Apple pay, Paypal is the next best option and works in much the same way.

With Paypal, you can connect other payment methods to pay with them through Paypal. This gives you more payment options as long as the store will take Paypal, this is how Apple pay works as well.

GameStop also accepts most major credit cards, but it does not take Google pay. Though you can pay in cash in GameStop stores if you prefer to.

Every GameStop payment method except the cash can be used online or in stores.

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