Does Home Depot Price Match?

Home Depot is the perfect place to shop for tools. But what if you find that Lowes or another store offers something for cheaper?

Before you leave Home Depot for the competitor, consider if there’s a price match. Then, you can still use your favorite store while getting the best deals.

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Will Home Depot Price Match?

Home Depot will price match other retailers online or in the store. Like other businesses, they won’t price match just anything. But if you can find an ad for a lower price, the store can process your order for that price.

If you want the best deal, consider finding other ads before shopping. Then, you’ll know immediately if you can ask for a price match.

Home Depot Price Match In Store

You can request a price match when you’re at a Home Depot store. To do this, you’ll need to bring a copy of the ad or a photo of the item at a competitor. Find that information before you get in line to checkout to help save time.

What You Can't Price Match at Home Depot

When you’re ready to pay, you can show the ad or image to the cashier. They might need to call the other store to verify the price.

If the employee learns the lower price is valid, they can process your request for the price match. But you won’t be able to get the lower rate if you learn of the difference after you leave the store.

Home Depot Price Match Online

If you prefer to shop online, Home Depot will also offer a price match. The guarantee includes the price of the item as well as the cost of shipping.

However, the competitor must be able to ship the identical item to a customer. If it’s only in stock at a store or available for pickup, Home Depot won’t honor it.

But you may be able to go to your local Home Depot and get the price match guarantee there. It takes time to go in person, but it can be worth it for a big discount.

What You Can’t Price Match at Home Depot

Unfortunately, Home Depot won’t price match all of the stuff they sell. They won’t price match seasonal or clearance items. Wholesale pricing also isn’t available for a price match.

Does Home Depot Price Match

You can’t get a discount based on the cost of used merchandise or third-party sellers. Custom and special order items also aren’t eligible.

Home Depot won’t price match auction sites or financed offers. And all of this doesn’t include sales tax.

Why Price Match at Home Depot

Despite the restrictions, getting a price match at Home Depot can be worth it. Consider the following reasons why you may want to ask the store to apply its guarantee.

You Have a Home Depot Card

Whether you have a Home Depot gift card or credit card, you can only use it there. But you shouldn’t let that stop you from getting the best deal.

Obviously, you can’t use your card at Lowes or another competitor. If another place has a lower price, though, you can ask Home Depot to honor that price so that you can use your Home Depot card to cover the cost.

Sure, you may also have a general credit card. But you can save that for things like gas or groceries, and you can use your Home Depot card now.

You’re at Home Depot

Another great reason to ask for a price match is if you’re already at Home Depot. Maybe you see online that a different store has a cheaper price for something you need.

Home Depot Price Match Online

Instead of leaving Home Depot and driving across town, ask for the price match. Then, you can keep what’s in your cart to save time and money.

This is also a good option if you’re out running errands. If you need to go to other places close to Home Depot, it makes sense to shop there instead of a competitor.

You Don’t Have Other Stores

If you live in a smaller town or city, Home Depot might be your main hardware store option. Not everyone wants to drive to the next town over to go shopping.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the other store’s prices. Look at the ads for competitors before you go to Home Depot, and you can make sure to get the deal you deserve.

Sure, you can shop online for things, but that might not always work. If you need something that day, going to Home Depot is the better choice.

Can Home Depot Price Match?

Home Depot can price match other retailers, but there are some exceptions. The items have to be new, and you can’t use prices from sales or third-party sellers. However, you can request a price match when shopping online or in a Home Depot store as long as you have proof of the lower price.

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