Does Tractor Supply Price Match?

Imagine shopping and finding just what you need at Tractor Supply. But before you checkout, you learn the items you need are cheaper.

The only thing is, they’re cheaper at a store on the opposite side of town. Consider if you really need to go there or if you can get Tractor Supply to drop the price.

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Will Tractor Supply Price Match?

Tractor Supply will price match items from competitors. The items have to be identical, but it doesn’t matter if the lower price is online or in a store. Sadly, they won’t price match used items, bundle offers, or prices from third-party sellers.

Also, the item has to be in stock at Tractor Supply because they won’t grant rain checks. The price has to be valid when you checkout.

Tractor Supply Price Match Policy

Tractor Supply offers a price match on many of the items it sells. To qualify, you must find the exact item for a lower price at a competing store.

Will Tractor Supply Price Match

The price match guarantee helps you get the best deal on whatever you might need. However, you have to do a couple of things to get that discount.

How to Get a Price Match

If you learn that an item you need costs less elsewhere, you have to make sure it’s identical. So it can’t be a different variety of dog food, for example.

Then, you’ll need to find an employee if you’re shopping in the store. If you prefer to shop online, you can contact the customer service department for assistance.

What Tractor Supply Won’t Price Match

While Tractor Supply can price match many things, it won’t do so for everything. Before you approach an employee about a price match, consider if the item qualifies.

As mentioned, the items must be the exact same between Tractor Supply and the competitor. You also can’t price match anything that falls under the following categories.

Used Items

Of course, you can’t get a price match on used items. A lot goes into the pricing of used stuff, from the condition to any missing parts.

Tractor Supply Price Match Policy

That makes it hard to price match accurately. Also, new stuff is more valuable than the equivalent items when they’re used.

Both items you’re comparing must be new to control for any quality discrepancies.

Competitor Sales

Tractor Supply won’t match competitor sales. This includes bundles, rebates, shipping discounts, and clear-out sales.

They also won’t price match deals based on financing. Mail-in offers, liquidation, and other sales also won’t qualify for a price match.

Another exception is errors that other companies make in their ads. If a company mentions a lower price in an ad, it must be that way in the store or online to qualify for a price match.

Clearance Items

Maybe you find something at Tractor Supply, and it’s on clearance. But another store also has the item on clearance for a lower price.

Sadly, you can’t get the store to price match clearance items. The store has its own pricing method when putting stuff on sale, and they stick to it.

Special Orders

If you place a special order for something, you also must pay the given price. Tractor Supply can’t offer a discount or price match on custom items.

What Tractor Supply Won't Price Match

Special orders are great for unique items, but they’re special. It doesn’t make sense for the store to price match those types of things.

Third-Party Sellers

You might find an item that’s much cheaper on Amazon. However, it can’t be from a third-party seller on the platform.

Now, if Amazon is the seller, you can ask if it will qualify for a price match. Otherwise, you can’t get the lower price at Tractor Supply.


Tractor Supply offers certain services, like Trailer Rental or Power Plus. The company won’t price match their services.

For one, they probably aren’t going to be identical to other companies. They might have different trailers for rent.

So doing a price match would be much more difficult than for a product.

Older Purchases

If the price changes after you buy something, you may be able to get an adjustment. But you’ll only have 30 days to qualify for the price match guarantee.

Once a month passes, Tractor Supply won’t process a small refund. If they did, that would get complicated.

But the 30-day window is plenty of time to shop around and ask for a price adjustment. That way, you can still get the best deal.

Can You Price Match at Tractor Supply?

You can get a price match when shopping at Tractor Supply online or in the store. The company will price match identical items that competitors sell for less. But that doesn’t apply to sales items, special orders, or other exceptions. Be sure to talk to an employee to see if your potential purchase qualifies for their price match guarantee before you checkout.

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